Recipes from Brew

344 - 50м 10
Delicious baked chicken thighs and wings.
The cake was on the brew with tomatoes, cheese and olives
338 4 - -
Conventional, Gostovskogo unfiltered kvass shelf life is very small, and bought more than mastered, pour mind, went to work, good, delicious. Products in the brew turned out delicious, but this cake is one of them. Offer, as an option, a quick Breakfast, tortilla for the test of kvass and vegetable stuffed tomato, olives and cheese. And done quickly, and eaten even faster.
336 4 - -
The recipe is the closure I've seen on the site, but in the DEP, except for those vegetables in the ingredients, add nothing! Zamu is possible to prepare the same fish, but one important - it should be tart, I wrote the recipe by which we basically preparing the people, instead of a lemon added as well branny tart brew, it is sold in stores, but some do and at home. Homemade noodles, we also sold, but some do it themselves, the recipe is simple - water+ flour+egg home so a yellow one was. Zamu we even served the next day after the wedding, is good for a hangover, we have it everyone knows, and it can even add greens such as leustean, but not everyone loves her because of a specific taste (just my her and don't like). Oh, forgot to write, some like to add finely chopped potatoes, but also not to overdo it, the soup light should be.
Moldovan Deputy (Zalman)
331 - 120м -
Same national Moldovan dish, very tasty, and easy. Takes minimum time and maximum pleasure.
A La Russian okroshka
288 - 15м 1
Recipe found on the Internet. It's not really a traditional hash, so I have this name. In the recipe is brown bread. I changed it to white. The dish I liked.
Ture brew
266 - 10м 1
Lean ture of kvass from the priest Hermogenes. Very refreshing in the heat. We are happy to eat it in post. The dish is quick to prepare. Will appeal to fans of simple Russian cuisine.
A cocktail of strawberry juice, calamansi
265 - 10м 2
Have You heard anything about calamansi. So I first heard this interesting word. But Ochakovo know about this citrus and given its original taste offered brew "Ochakov with lime juice, calamansi". This is quite a tasty and enjoyable beverage, but to remember the first meeting with him, I invite You to a cocktail. Oh, and eat out...
Moldovan soup "Deputy"
242 4 160м 7
I want to present you one of the Moldovan national dishes! Meet soup "Deputy". Very tasty and rich.
Okroshka with tan and ice-cold brew
242 - - 6
Hearty and flavorful hash with ice from the brew.
Leavened Mojito
233 - - 1
Light, fresh and a little intoxicating - a great cocktail for a summer evening! Light aroma and taste of lemon, tart rum, spicy taste and peppermint, but if you don't want alcohol - simply remove the rum and a delicious mocktail - try? A cocktail made from their preferences and taste of the author!
Belarusian soup
208 5 - -
A distinctive feature of the Belarusian borscht that it is prepared without the cabbage and then add beet kvass.
201 5 - -
This hash recipe is a little different from traditional hash.
Hash "everything"
191 3 30м -
What is summer without okroshka! We make it so.
The beet soup with fish
176 - 60м 10
Vintage Russian cold soup.
Cocktail"Bread and salt"
172 - 15м 2
Very light alcoholic drink on the basis of kvass and vodka. But do not be afraid, he is perfect both in cold and hot day. In addition, You will be able to support those who prefer a clean drink.
Cold soup
170 3 - -
Prepare a cold soup, each hostess your recipe, I offer my version of cooking.
Okroshka with calamari
170 3 - -
The taste of the hash resembles the taste of smoked sausages, try it.
Apple leavened manna
169 - 60м 8
Very creamy, not too sweet, delicious and flavorful manna without a hint of semolina in taste. Baked for the first time manna kvass and in this form, in principle, so the ingredients are picked up intuitively. The result pleased me, only the portion needed to do more... help yourself.
Hash "up"
168 - - -
Today, 17 July, 32 years since the marriage of my parents. Mom to the wedding gave the book "up" about relationships and housework and cooking. About the hash there was a little paragraph, just lists that can be added to meat dishes, fish, mushroom. But I am very interested in the option of refuelling, which I want to tell. And the hash, in honor of the holiday, I cooked my mother's recipe.
Hash with aspic
164 - - -
When I first read about this contest, I thought that I would not participate. Hodgepodge I don't really like, although I often cook for her husband, and the recipe I have... But banal conversation with her mother in law learned some interesting family recipe. It turned out that they have in the village cooks always cooked with aspic, which in summer was kept in the cellar. Of course decided to try a family recipe in a new way.
Favorite okroshka on kvass "Cottage"
163 - - -
This is a recipe for interesting my brew, which was the result of being in our cottage. I decided to collect all that has now grown that to bribe and to cook. It turned out very nice and tasty.