Recipes from Ketchup

Nest of pasta with minced meat
0.9k - 50м -
Nest of pasta with minced meat and tomatoes, baked under a cheese crust - a great dish for Your table!
Shrimp in garlic sauce
0.8k 4.2 - -
If you are with friends who love cold beer, without seafood is not enough. Cooked shrimp easy, relatively inexpensive and delicious. So feel free to take the recipe into service.
0.8k 3 15м 6
Delicious replacement pizza every day. Well suited to soups.
Caucasian sauce
0.6k 3.6 - -
Super-duper sauce for kebabs. I spied on one cooking site and fell in love. I hope You will like it. Importantly, it cooks very quickly
Breakfast for the lazy. Pizza-scrambled eggs
0.6k - 20м 2
All ingenious is simple! Offer you a quick Breakfast or just a snack for a few minutes. It's everyone's favorite fried, but crispy and perfectly juicy filling.
Meat hedgehogs
477 4 60м 10
Meat hedgehogs, baked in the oven.
Salad "Babylon"
477 - 20м -
Delicious, spicy, hearty but not heavy... the dish looks very attractive, and I want to try it!
Salad "little dew drop"
434 4 - -
Very juicy, tasty and light salad.
Sesame Chicken
411 5 50м 4
Tender chicken fillet in batter, drizzled in sweet and sour sauce, and on top – roasted sesame seeds – one of the Chinese dishes.
Beef Peking
408 4.5 40м 4
This sauce can be prepared not only beef – any meat or even fish. The main thing – to respect the General principles of cooking
Sauce for khachapuri
389 4 110м -
Once in the restaurant I tried the khachapuri with the sauce... And then set a goal for ourselves to go there again and taste all the ingredients. Took the chakhokhbili and a little it altered. Since it is a sauce most importantly - reduced the number of chicken in the recipe. I have achieved the desired result and it was very tasty!!!
378 - 40м 2
Is a Japanese dish in a hurry. It's quick and easy, especially if there is a ready boiled rice. It can be called a home version of a Japanese pilaf.
The ribs in the glaze
375 4.3 45м 14
Long marinated, but tasty...
374 3.5 60м 6
All lovers of chicken is dedicated. Chicken and potatoes in a new and interesting execution.
Salad "Grand"
374 - 7м 2
Very simple, interesting and tasty salad. Really helps when guests at the door. The recipe from the restaurant where we often order.
372 5 - -
Mexican dish
Fast pizza with grilled vegetables
358 - 40м 6
Pizza on the wheat tortilla, the type of tortilla is much faster than a traditional pizza, because we don't spend time for preparation of the dough. But it is no less delicious because the main character here are the seasonal vegetables - eggplant and zucchini - marinated and grilled.
Burgers "swallows nest"
356 5 60м 6
I forgot about the classic meatballs in a skillet, try it (tried in the Crimea, succeeded to the prescription). Prepared quickly, the taste is very delicate, so any more beautiful!!!
Salad-cocktail with tongue
353 5 30м 5
Very tasty and hearty salad
Super Sandwich
346 3 - 1
This sandwich is not very difficult. The main thing is that You have a good mood.
Salad "Entourage"
341 - - 2
For the first time this salad I tried at a friend's. But she once learned this recipe from his friend chef in a small restaurant in Manhattan. Very tender, tasty, nutritious, fragrant and spicy salad. It will be the adornment of a Christmas buffet and festive evening.