Recipes from Strawberry

Air berry cake-meringue
0.7k - 170м 7
Delicious cake-meringue with creamy custard and berries.
Strawberry-graviola jelly
0.7k - 60м 6
Delicate like a cloud of jelly. The combination of sour cream and strawberry layers divine. The consistency is more like mousse than jello. Very refreshing in the heat, especially when I did not fit this dessert at the time) to Put the recipe was not going since prepared this recipe the first time, because there is no step-by-step, but I think everything is clear. Just insert three photos from other angles in step-by-step... In General, I recommend to try this yummy, who has a weakness for this kind of desserts.
Liquor "Xue-Xue"
0.7k - 30м 6
In the fall I bought my husband a bottle of liquor "Xu-Xu". Liquor very much. Costs around 800 rubles. per bottle. Clever husband read the bottle and it is not the first time make the liqueur taste that surpasses the original.
Cake "Pavlova"
437 - - -
In 1926 Anna Pavlova toured Australia and New Zealand, causing unprecedented enthusiasm from local residents. And in honor of a great dancer, a talented pastry chef has invented a light and elegant dessert, a true masterpiece. The Australians, followed by the whole world, say his name with the accent on the second syllable.
Cake without baking with strawberries and bananas
413 - 180м 8
Offer You a recipe of strawberry & banana cake without baking. Delicate summer dessert with strawberries and banana. Bright and beautiful cake with a pleasant taste and delicate texture. Every year I get excited about when you see this delicious berry that becomes decoration for any dessert.
Chicken breast with strawberry sauce
393 - - -
Let's see what we have prepared! Unmatched delicious chicken breast! Great fried chicken breast with a terrific balsamic dressing strawberry arugula salad and feta! It is very tasty! Enjoy!
Salad "French dressing"
392 - 15м -
My dear, do not scold me for "bourgeois" habits. The name and the salad is very aristocratic, but the products are quite affordable. This dish can please not only guests, but also yourself, loved ones. I tried it in one place and torturing the waitress questions about the composition of the filling, now often arrange a holiday to your loved ones.
Baby cake "Dinosaur"
383 - - -
Dinosaurs are popular with many boys and girls. Wanted to share how out of the ordinary biscuit round shape (actually, you can use any of Corey Your favorite recipe) very easy and simple to make a wonderful cake that will delight children.
"Red berry" - strawberry mix
380 - 10м 20
Mix because mix ingredients, getting, as a result, the winning color and the taste of purple sauce for ice cream, desserts, pastries with cream cheese... and the basis for alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails.
Fruit "pizza"
374 5 120м 1
July. Heat. Want pizza? Offer you a summer "pizza" with fruit and berries.
Pie "Flowering may"
347 - 60м 8
The Great Victory Day! Remember the Alps, remembers Vienna and the Danube... Pie for the holiday - shortbread with sour cream, blueberries and strawberries - just blotches of berries in a white fill and reminded me of the flowering gardens outside the window... help yourself, dear, happy holidays!
Diet fruit dessert
322 - 5м 2
Jelly made from fruits berries agar-agar - replacement delicious cake for tea
Salad "Muse"
319 - - -
Light and juicy salad with dandelion greens and strawberries. A big thank you to Nina (Desert rose) for helping with the name, it appeared after talking on the forum.
Salad "Kan-Kan"
317 - - -
Beautiful, delicious, unusual to say about the salad "Kan-Kan" from the series "fusion".
Cake "happy birthday, Pillsbury. ru!"
303 - 120м 12
I live in North Africa. helps me a lot. Here I find the recipes for myself and for the wife who prefers only their national cuisine. I want to Express huge gratitude to the administration of the site and the cooks for their work! I made sponge fruit cake with a picture of the birthday boy. The cake is very light, the size of Your Empire will not be affected ; ) help yourself!
"Tutti - Frutti" with cream and marmalade
299 5 40м 4
"Tutti frutti" - all fruit (ital), in a figurative sense - all sorts of things. Sweetie pie with fresh peaches, apricots, strawberries and cherries - in General with any fruit that you find in the fridge. Very simple, quick and delicious!
Cheese dessert "Dolce Vita"
298 3 20м 2
Cheesecake dessert... take two. Make a picture did not, immediately ate it all my vs glutters.
Cheese plate
291 5 10м 1
Salad "Miracle"
285 - - -
Wonderful or marvelous :) - salad with chicken and strawberries.
Chia pudding with granola and fruit
279 - 840м 4
Incredibly delicious and healthy dessert which is very simple to prepare. Be sure to try. You will not regret.
Strawberries in their own juice
276 - - -
It's long-awaited summer. The season of delicious sweet berries and urgent billets delicious jam from them. Recipe of strawberry jam in its own juice will preserve more vitamins and taste for winter evenings when you want to remember the hot summer. Berry remains juicy and without the "brachnogo" taste.