Recipes from Starch

Triply "Tiramisu"
1.2k - 60м 4
Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. It's so popular that variations on its recipe dozens. Classic Tiramisu consists of: 1. cookie "Savoiardi" as the basis 2. impregnation of coffee (usually espresso), you can add Marsala wine 3. cream based on Mascarpone cheese, beaten raw eggs and sugar. 4. sprinkle them with cocoa powder. At home to repeat exactly this recipe is problematic. Yes, and raw eggs cause issues... I am personally a little afraid of eating them. Therefore, I suggest you do here is such trifle. They are easy to repeat at home. As for the taste - you will tell me, thank you. It is beyond words. It is necessary to try!
0.9k 4 300м 1
(based on "the Count's ruins") Is long, but its preparation is quite possible to do incremental and stretch for a few days. I did a 2 day.
Cake "Pani Walewska"
0.9k - 240м 12
Offer you your videorecipe of cooking is very popular in Poland cake (cake) "Pani Walewska". Cooking is not easy, but it is worth it!
Puff "cherry delight"
0.8k - 60м 10
This is a very quick but very delicious cakes from ready-made puff pastry and a delicate cherry filling (source is the Internet, thanks to the author). The idea of cooking, I think, is already on the website, but for me the highlight was the filling and ease of preparation.
0.8k - 50м 7
This Korean dish is pork fried with vegetables. I'm a little Russified it for you, dear Cooks as a condiment of Korean cuisine will not find on the Far East, and treats you really want ))) help yourself!!!
Cake "Monastyrskaya izba"
0.7k - 180м 5
Cake transfer "All Bodo relish!" Hello, dear Cooks! Of course, the site already has recipes of this well-known and many favorite cake, and, before I post, I certainly viewed them. But, since the same recipes were only two pages, I decided to post another :) the cake Recipe was inspired by me yesterday in the transfer "everything will be All right," today and decided, so to speak, to embody the idea into life :) All the steps are completely recorded from transmission :) This is my first recipe on your favorite website ("graze" on "the Cook" in the summer, brazenly stealing Your recipes, but registered only yesterday))) )
Cake "Hedgehog"
0.7k 3 120м 12
The cake was made for my daughter's birthday; the idea is taken from the forum "home cooking".
Lasagna Carbonara
0.6k - 1м -
Recipe from Alexander Seleznev, and he knows a lot about climbing. I got almost Carbonara, forgive me, the Italians that had replaced the Parmesan cheese in Dutch, most importantly, the result was delicious.
Minced fish cutlets with yogurt sauce
469 - - 4
I suggest you budget recipe chopped cutlets of salmon. These burgers are delicious, fragrant, delicate and useful. Of course, you can make them from any white or red bony fish upon request and availability. And the bonus to them is the yogurt sauce.
The meat in Mongolian
437 - 70м 8
Today, I want to buy you a drink, cooks, hearty, juicy and incredibly flavorful meat: beef Mongolian. The meat just melts in your mouth. Your men will appreciate your efforts, because this dish can be called men - of piquancy and sharpness in it long enough.
406 4 30м 30
Once the snowflake, two snowflake ......
Cake "Ruta"
392 - 90м 20
Going out of town, I decided to bake at home any delicious pie for tea, and suddenly remembered this cake, which I have long wanted to try. And, as to steep it for a long time have not stopped this. I would like to say that the author of this delicious cake is a wonderful cook and pastry chef Lika Torzewska whose recipes of sweets I often use at home and never they did not disappoint.
Cake "Mulatto"
392 - - -
Chocolate cake Mulatto! A delicate and elegant cake, simple to prepare. It will give You pleasure from the first bite! Prepare and enjoy!
Cake "Cheesecake madness"
391 - 60м 8
If you want to cook a beautiful birthday cake with incredible taste, it is ideal. Unusual, lush cakes and delicate cream will delight all of your guests.
Orange chicken
381 - 50м 4
One of the most popular dishes of Chinese (American-Chinese) dishes. When I first tried this dish, I was pleasantly surprised. The taste is so unusual that at first do not understand that you eat main dish or dessert). My first acquaintance with the orange chicken took place on 6 -8 years ago in USA and I have long thought that this wonderful dish will be very difficult to make at home. Many of you probably know that Asian dishes require different sea exotic foods and spices, but turned out to be. All the ingredients can be found in a conventional supermarket. By the way, recipes of this dish a lot, I picked up the ingredients for this dish that the recipe was similar to a recipe used in Chinese restaurants in America. And I came to the following...
Jelly rhubarb
365 4 60м 10
When begins the season of rhubarb, sometimes you just don't know where to attach it... Spend sugar to jam, I personally just feel sorry for rhubarb. But not in my rules not to use all growing in the garden with the maximum benefit.. the Pudding in this case is exactly what we need!!! You can add when cooking a minimum of sugar, just perfect to drink instead of lemonade. Or the child refuses to eat cereal, pour her some juice, maybe a dish more taste to your kid...
Cake "sun"
353 3 - -
This is the cake of my childhood. It is insanely delicious. "sun" and now one of the most popular cakes in my home city Kostanay (Kazakhstan). But now I live far away and it was a treat to find in cooking. I have the book "Bake on health" publishing house, Almaty, 1990, here it is-the recipe and found, but what is blurred, surface. I'm in the Internet, and to my surprise, on all sites the same recipe from the same book... sleeves rolled Up, I decided to still bake it. What happened cannot be described in words, you just have to try...
Almond cake Almondy
342 - 90м -
Recipe Swedish almond cakes (Mandeltårta Almondy) was found by two travellers Kent and Lennart. During your journeys in Sweden, they tried almond cake, and he eclipsed all the other sweets that Kent and Lennart have tried before. After some time travellers decided to share the recipe for the almond cake (Mandeltårta Almondy). The cake is very quick and does not require any special culinary skills, but if you are too lazy baking – you can go after him in IKEJA.
Jelly wort
340 5 15м 1
Delicious jelly out of the wort will delight You and Your loved ones original submission
Cake "Karpati"
332 - 70м 8
Very tasty and easy to prepare cake with custard pastry and custard. For fans of eclairs.
The Turkey meatloaf with leeks
324 - - -
Rarely we can find the flesh of the Turkey, more calf to sell. Therefore, buying fillet thigh, I wanted to cook something interesting and unusual. Here's the roll came out in the end, flavorful, with a rich tangy sauce-glaze with tender juicy filling. For Saturday dinner at the time!