Recipes from Watermelon

Watermelon compote
461 3 20м 12
Flavored fruit drink.
329 - - -
Hi all. Today will be recipe of vodka from watermelons. I wanted something unusual to taste and Anthracnose cooking. Watermelons need to take very ripe, with no trace of rot or other problems. Simple but a bit time consuming. The result is worth it.
Salad "Rubik's Cube"
317 - - 2
Suggest you try a delicious, easy fruit salad. Easily prepared, available ingredients and original design. Help yourself!
Watermelon salad with feta cheese
286 - 15м -
A refreshing salad with an unforgettable sweet salty taste.
Cake "Watermelon in cream"
260 3 - -
Did this cake on September 1 for his kids. Turned out delicious and was gone in an instant. The contest "School time".
"Sailing" from melon and watermelon
246 3 - -
The idea of this design seen in some magazine a long time ago. Here, finally brought it to life with their additions.
Two dessert of melon, watermelon and soufflé chocolate
241 5 30м 2
This unusual dessert will surprise both adults and children. Will perfectly complement a festive dinner.
The watermelon show
238 - 15м 3
Carving show. Ordinary watermelon in 15 minutes turns into an unusual character!
Lemon-candied orange
215 5 500м 10
This delicious dessert is a satellite of the Christmas holidays: after the New year is always plenty of peels from different citrus. Please be patient for a week and you will be rewarded with these marvelous citrus slices in sugar.
213 - 60м -
Cup - with the French "jug". Drink mixture of strong alcohol and sparkling with the addition of juices and fruit, not fruit salad in watermelon or crusonia. Since the champagne cocktail was a favorite drink pecnica. Today we will prepare a classic ( so-called " Gusar ) version of this drink. And behind the wheel will sit tomorrow...
Watermelon-mint cocktail
209 5 10м -
Tastes like watermelon Orbit:)
Dessert "Wine and watermelon"
208 3 - -
Juicy flavorful dessert with a wine flavor.
Grilled watermelon
201 5 20м 8
Fried, and that does not loses its quality if they had been! There we chilled. And then it's like eating watermelon pancakes! My grandmother loved to cook. And knowledgeable people everything listed! And said that he felt the watermelon, but could not imagine that it is possible and could create! Shall you do also.
184 4 2400м 1
for comparison
Muscovy watermelon cake
184 - 500м 10
Very tasty Muscovy cake with watermelon🍉 Beautiful, light, delicious cake.
Smoothie "detox"
183 - 15м 3
I love Smoothies, I offer you 3 option to remove toxins from the body.
Cocktail "happy birthday!"
181 - - -
Today is the birthday of a remarkable man Lyubochka (howcast), and this cocktail sing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Watermelon ginger crush
179 - 10м 4
A breath of icy bliss! Not only refreshing, but also invigorating! For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Fruit basket
173 5 - -
This watermelon basket is well suited for feeding fruit salads. I manufactured to order, for a wedding.
Cup "Girlish dreams"
169 4 - -
my dear cooks, I want to offer You an interesting drink, with a large kollichestvom juicy summer fruits with a refreshing hint of ripe autumn watermelon... with bright splashes of grapes... with a slight Apple tartness.. with gentle sweetness of peaches... all of it soaked with champagne.. liqueur.. brandy.. and Your girls ' night out.. or a cozy evening in a small company will be even better and more interesting... quick to cook... and so easy to impress your favorite guests..
Cocktail "the Three pillars of vitality"
168 - 30м 2
"Burnt by the sun" cooks have created many amazing drinks, and inspired me to participate in the contest. Part of a refreshing cocktail that I want to offer you, included just three ingredients: Watermelon, Cucumber and Tangerine. Nutritionists call the juice "liquid, distilled by Nature itself". Watermelon quenches thirst, and tangerine juice will give a boost! This refreshing cocktail is not only will cool and refresh you in the heat, but will be a great replacement for dinner, because it is very rich, than yesterday I was able to see for myself. Help yourself, dear cooks!