Recipes from Patty

Burek "eco"
275 4 60м 4
I only had 3 finished cakes. How to feed dinner to 3 people? And the two men. If one Patty is not exactly persuaded. I remembered the recipe Lackinga (Pachita) delicious Bureka. So I wanted to cook this exotic dish. Some ingredients were not available, so had to pomudrit'. The dinner was absolutely delicious. I called the recipe "ECO", i.e. economical. Olga, thank you so much for the idea.
Buckwheat is "Lazy hostess"
266 - 60м 6
Very tasty, fast and economical dish from what was in the fridge. A perfect dish for those who are too lazy to go for food because of the ingredients I think will be in any house and no time to stand at the stove. All amounts of the ingredients you can change and choose according to your taste, so accurate measures will not write🙂 Because we are all different someone loves meat, someone buckwheat, and someone cabbage. By the way, this is my first dish which I post, so please do not judge strictly☺
Our kids - "Munya"
207 - 50м 1
And here Munya - funny cow-smesharik of the last century. Children love the story of the time machine. And also love meals in the form of favorite characters.
The burgers in the test
202 - - -
The children who go to school, they know that our children, not all will take out of the bag and will eat at recess in the afternoon. These burgers my kid takes to school!!! By the way, bake them at this point, her husband on the road in the morning.
Universal vegetable gravy
186 - 20м -
Useful dietary and delicious universal gravy vegetable suitable for any garnish: to cereals, potatoes, pasta. It can be supplemented with a sausage, sausage, fish, slices of prepared meat and cakes. Made from simple ingredients-veggies, with the addition of turmeric and as a thickener-flour wholegrain.
Rolls with cheese and cucumber
173 5 40м 4
Very tasty and easy to prepare rolls!
Our kids - "Hedgehog"
155 - 50м 1
And here is the hedgehog - a very kind and shy about laughing. Children love the hedgehog and his various collections: wrappers, mushrooms, cacti. And also love meals in the form of favorite characters.
"Chicken special" in broccoli sauce
150 4 40м -
Often, fry cutlets, Yes, a lot! All the usual sauces tired. Today prepared special cakes! A digression, there was a light on the broccoli-moccoli, and her house was in the garden, which was near a beautiful quiet lake. In the lake lived a lot of frogs and then one day one of them rode into the garden, where she lived, broccoli, Boccoli and went to see it, croaked: - You who? - I - broccoli-makkoli. - What are you doing? - I don't know, sitting here on the swing. - But you're already matured. - You never know. Want to hang, and want to go for a walk. "No," said the frog – if you're broccoli-moccoli, you food, and your job is to be eaten. - It's something I'm eating? – exclaimed indignantly broccoli, Boccoli – here's another! I don't want to eat me. I want to walk. - You don't know – tried to reason with her frog, the frog, so I'm supposed to jump and croak. And you, broccoli, Boccoli, then you are supposed to slice them in a salad. - Right now I'm in you salad will cut you a French delicacy – with the threat uttered broccoli, Boccoli. And the frog, frightened, jumped the fence and was as follows. Evgeny Terekhin.
Our kids - "croche"
150 - 40м 1
There's the crumble - the most cheerful and optimistic about laughing. Children love his stories. As well as really like meals in the form of favorite characters :)))
Cutlet with pasta. Version of the submission
145 5 5м 3
Banal and very common dinner - pasta with a chop... And my household liked this flow of this dish.
141 4 60м -
My son hates the semis. I still buy but have found a way to cheat a little. Very simple and tasty!
Baskets of pita bread
138 4 7м 1
Pita can be cooked thousands of meals. I stopped at one - on baskets. Well, and their variations are many. I have just a dining cart. As a main dish..
Zucchini for the meat-eaters "could not be Easier"
136 - 45м 5
I don't like zucchini, I love meat, at least chicken. And zucchini, too, someone's gotta eat... And I love quick, easy and delicious. In the country, where in addition to the electric stove and pots there is nothing (even the right spices), this dish is! And even from him there is heartburn, and it is possible even when the ulcer (not in the period of exacerbation, of course). You only need to cut the squash. Easier just does not happen!
131 5 40м 10
Dish impromptu)Looked in the fridge, the cakes look stale. Not order here and created a casserole with daughters ate with great pleasure!
Fried Antikrizis
130 4 15м 3
I hate when you have items left over. Fight to keep them in the refrigerator as long as they don't really go bad. Alas, come to throw away, I do not know how to cook "on the nose" But no! Today I decided to use the day before the collet!!!]:->
Fritters stuffed with "A La hamburger"
129 - 20м 1
Bake pancakes, and the child whines that he wants a hamburger. What will make hamburger out of pancakes. The child liked the idea, he gathered it and then was eating for both cheeks.
Cheburashka at the demonstration
128 3 15м 1
Play in childhood with our children.
Bear left to walk
123 3 15м 1
all ordinary
Cheeseburger original
122 5 10м -
Last summer I worked in a real American McDonald's. So loved by many better burgers to cook at home - will be healthier. Actually, the recipe is "first hand"
Our kids - "Pin"
115 - 50м 1
And here is the Pin - desperate engineer and ingenious inventor. Children are very fond of his unusual inventions. As well as dishes in the form of favorite characters.
"Great purge"
111 5 40м -
Like all of you, I think, the beginning of viewing what is left in the fridge. And here of what was attempted cooking something new. What happened - put up for the cooks.