Diet a Simeon with Anat stern

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a British doctor Simeon in the last century helped the Roman moneybags to drop weight. Thanks to fans, this name is not forgotten. As a professional consultant for weight loss, Anat helps people to understand all the intricacies of the original weight loss methods. Today, the diet of Simeon with Anat stern has conquered the Internet.

The essence of the diet

Dr. Simeon created a diet that everyone, without exception, to normalize your weight. In his opinion, the human body has 3 types of fat. The "bad" fat that accumulates in problem areas – stomach, hips, waist. "Good" fat needed for our body, located between the muscles and the skin and between internal organs. "Good" fat goes fast. As a result, the health is deteriorating, and thin man is unattractive (the skin on the body becomes flabby).

the Doctor found that the burning of "bad" fats, promotes the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). This hormone is synthesized in the body of a pregnant woman – it rebuilds metabolic processes so that the growing fetus had stable feeding even with the shortage of food (if a woman eats a little, then the furnace are those "bad" fats, which under normal conditions is almost not consumed). According to the opinion of the doctor, from its own resources, the body releases about 1,500 calories, so diet by 500 calories is enough for the average calorie intake for the day. Combining HCG with the recommended low calorie diet, daily dump up to 500 g extra weight (the duration of the diet depends on the desired result and is 21-40 days). Every "melt" pounds takes 1 cm of the volume.

Simeon said that such weight loss is easily tolerated by the human body, it is not accompanied by a feeling of hunger (calories obtained from fat reserves, creating the effect of fullness). Diet normalizes metabolism, is the prevention of various diseases (diabetes, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, etc.).

Since HCG – specific hormone, doctor has developed special drops that replace it. They are made on the principle of homeopathic remedies – the practice of repeated dilution of the active substance, leaving only his footprints. Drops actually contain HCG, but cause the body to consume "bad" fats.


it is Impossible to follow this diet in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases. It is contraindicated in people who are under
medical care or are forced to take daily medication.

Diet diet

Dr. Simeon recommends daily use of 100-200 grams of lean protein foods, as well as a number of fruits and vegetables. To Supplement the diet can sticks grissini, crackers, toast (but not more than 40 g per day). You can drink as coffee and tea, but sugar and cream have to give (you can only use sweeteners, non-calorie).

every day you need to take a homeopathic remedy, the replacement of HCG (you can buy it on the official site, the regimen specified in the instructions).

the First two days the food should be normal. Then have to go to hard diet stage. Diet is necessary so that the total calorie intake per day did not exceed 500 calories. The duration of the diet – 21, 28 or 40 days (you will lose about 7, 10 and 15 kg, respectively).

Another 3-day for withdrawal from drops, not taking them, eat under the scheme of losing weight. Then throughout the week, daily can eat 1 starch per day (in addition to the diet). Next week it is recommended to eat 2 of any of starchy products per day (in addition to the diet). Then you can go to the usual diet.

Sample menu for 7 days (stage of active weight loss)

Breakfast for all days: tea (coffee) with sweetener and zero milk (25 ml).

the Lunch will be dedicated to protein-rich foods, complete diet with vegetables

50 g of veal and slices of fresh tomatoes with herbs (half a Cup);
50 g of chicken and lettuce (half Cup);
50 g Pollock and chopped cucumbers with herbs (half a Cup);
50 g of tuna and shredded cabbage with greens (half Cup);
50 g of mussels, radish (half Cup);
50 g shrimp and shredded red cabbage with greens (half Cup);
50 g low-fat cottage cheese and steam the asparagus (half a Cup).

For dinner, eat the second half of protein foods and vegetables (50 g/half Cup). In between meals eat starchy food, 1 kind of fruit (the amount of snack – 1 Cup) or 40 g of grain product.

Professional help

Anat stern passed all stages of the diet, so gives advice based on their own experience. By purchasing her book, you will learn all the subtleties of the original diet developed by Dr. Simeon. Anat says that her weight after the diet did not change (the woman was able to lose about 10 kg).


If you believe the reviews, diet Dr. Simeon helped many. However, experts are not enthusiastic about this technique. They talk about the fact that the drops are not scientifically confirmed and caloric restriction to 500 calories can cause serious injury. Besides, with this diet you can lose weight and without taking expensive drops.