Egg diet for 7 days

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Egg diet for 7 days, takes 3-7 pounds overweight (depending on initial performance). It is worth remembering that eggs are consumed frequently and in large numbers, threaten the development of allergic reactions (especially if you combine them with citrus fruits). There is a perception that the egg yolk contributes to raising cholesterol levels (with a reasonable eating eggs this side effect can not be afraid – so say scientists).

why is the egg? Popular product has a relatively low calorific value (in 100g contains 157 kcal). According to research, eaten for Breakfast egg dish helps reduce total daily caloric intake (eggs are more than 90% for a long time and provide a sense of fullness). The main secret of the "egg" weight loss is Biotin (vitamin H). This substance controls the lipid metabolism and is responsible for the burning of already existing fat reserves. Another important substance (lutein) is a powerful antioxidant. Lutein supports the psychological "background" increases stamina, gives the skin elasticity. Worth to mention about coenzyme R is a substance improves the condition of muscle tissue, hair and skin. What other substances are present in eggs? This product contains vitamins (A, E, D, K, b group) and minerals (iodine, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper).

Options egg diet

There are a number of egg diet. We offer to your attention 2 options.

Ration No. 1

throughout the day to drink 2 liters of liquid (without sugar and gas).

Monday and Tuesday
• Breakfast, lunch, dinner (same menu): eggs and apples (1 EA. both for 1 meal), tea or coffee

• Breakfast: black coffee and boiled eggs (2 PCs)
• Dinner: spinach or lettuce, and boiled beef (100 g)
• Dinner: water

• Breakfast: black (green) coffee, boiled egg
• Lunch: fish boiled or vapor form (200 g)
• Dinner: boiled eggs (2 PCs.)

• Breakfast: coffee or tea, boiled eggs (2 PCs)
• Lunch: fresh tomato and boiled (steamed) fish (200 g)
• Dinner: boiled egg

• Breakfast: black (green) coffee, boiled eggs (2 PCs)
• Lunch: boiled beef (100g)
• Dinner: meat of rabbit or veal (100 g)

• Breakfast: tea or coffee, boiled eggs (2 PCs)
• Dinner: vegetables (100 g) and boiled chicken without skin (200 g)
• Dinner: boiled chicken without skin (100 g)

Ration No. 2

As in the first version of the diet provides abundant drinking regime. Sugar and salt in the diet are excluded.

• Breakfast: green tea, grapefruit, boiled eggs (2 PCs)
• Lunch: orange, boiled chicken (150 g), boiled egg
• Dinner: yogurt (200 ml), boiled chicken fillet (200 g)

• Breakfast: freshly made citrus juice (200 ml) and boiled eggs (2 PCs)
• Dinner: steam or stewed chicken (150 g), oranges (2 PCs.), water
• Dinner: grapefruit, boiled eggs (2 PCs.), milk (200 ml)

• Breakfast: tea or water with lemon, boiled egg
• Dinner: portion of meat (200 g), grapefruit
• Dinner: mineral or acidulated with lemon juice water and boiled eggs (2 PCs.)

• Breakfast: scrambled eggs steam with herbs (2-3 eggs)
• Lunch: boiled or steamed chicken (150 g) lettuce
• Dinner: grapefruit (1-2 pieces), boiled egg (1 PC.)

• Breakfast: carrot salad with sour cream and chopped greens, boiled eggs (2 PCs)
• Lunch: carrot salad, freshly made citrus juice (200 ml)
• Dinner: steam sea fish (100 g), boiled egg, mineral water

• Breakfast: citrus juice (200 ml) low-fat cottage cheese (150 g)
• Lunch: eggs (1-2 pieces), grapefruits (1-2 pieces)
• Dinner: water

• Breakfast: boiled eggs (1-2 pieces), grapefruit (1/2)
• Lunch: orange and meat (200 g)
• Dinner: water


Egg diet for 7 days contraindicated in any pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.


Judging by the reviews, the egg diet allows you to lose appreciable excess weight (up to 7 kg for 7 days). Unfortunately, the process of losing weight difficult to called easy – many dieters complain of constant hunger. On top of that there is a risk of return the weight to the previous level.