Diet Dr. Horvath

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This diet developed by the dietitian D. Horvath. A fairly stable result is achieved due to the fact that the extra pounds are lost gradually, the diet is quite balanced. The duration of this diet is 1 week, but during that time you can lose from 3 to 5 kg of excess weight.

Recommended products: lean meat and meat products (ham, sausage); lean fish; low-fat milk and milk products; vegetables and fruits; eggs; crackers; tea, coffee, fruit juices, mineral water; xylitol or other similar sugar substitutes.

Diet Dr. Horvath sample menu is as follows:

1st day: the first Breakfast — a soft boiled egg, tea or black coffee, toast; lunch — 100 grams. apples; lunch — 130g. lean cooked beef, 100 gr. boiled potatoes with salt (without fat), 200 gr. salad of raw vegetables, black coffee with xylitol, mineral water; afternoon tea — tea, 100 gr. fruit; dinner — 80 gr. lean ham, egg, 100 gr. vegetables, 10 oz. butter, juice.

2nd day: Breakfast — a Cup of tea, biscuit; lunch — 200 gr. carrot salad; lunch — 50 gr. stewed beef, 150 gr. melon, 100 gr. potatoes, mineral water; afternoon tea — coffee with milk (100 gr.); dinner — 150 gr. baked fish fillets, 150 gr. spinach, mineral water.

3rd day: Breakfast — 30 grams. ham 20 gr. biscuits, tea, lunch 150 gr. grapefruit; dinner — 150 gr. meat with carrots and potatoes (200 gr.); afternoon tea — a glass of tomato juice; dinner — potatoes (100 gr.) cottage cheese (50 gr.), mineral water.

4-th day: Breakfast — 50 grams. cream cheese, 30 gr. of bread, a Cup of tea; brunch — 150 gr. orange; dinner — 150 gr. chicken, 100 gr. potatoes, 150 gr. cucumber salad; afternoon snack 150 gr. apples; dinner — egg omelette with ham (two eggs, 30 gr. ham), 150 gr. the tomato salad juice.

5th day: Breakfast — 100 gr. cottage cheese, 30 gr. of bread, a Cup of tea; lunch — 100 grams. berries and fruit; dinner — 150 gr. of boiled meat, 100 gr. potatoes, a glass compote; afternoon tea — a Cup of yogurt; dinner — vegetable salad, juice or mineral water.

the 6th day: the first Breakfast watermelon or apples; lunch — 200 gr. carrot salad; dinner — 100 gr. veal with sauce, 100 gr. potatoes, 50 gr. cabbage salad; afternoon snack — 50 grams. radish dinner — mushrooms (100 gr.) with egg, cucumber salad, mineral water.

7th day: Breakfast — 50 grams. cottage cheese, 20 grams. crackers, a Cup of tea; lunch — glass of milk; dinner — 150 gr. roast pork, 100 gr. potatoes, 100 gr. different vegetables; snack — coffee with milk (200 gr.), 200 gr. baked beans, mineral water; dinner — a glass of buttermilk biscuits.

P. S. I think that on the contrary I will recover from this diet. I without diet, so do not eat.