Vitamin-protein diet

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Increase protein intake against the background of cuts in the share of fats and carbohydrates speeds up the process of burning fat. The best results can be achieved alternating vitamin and protein foods. In our article vitamin and protein diet is presented in two versions.

Diet No. 1 (alternating hourly)

the Duration of this diet is 10 days. During this period of time, you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight. Diet completely excludes the consumption of simple carbohydrates. Fats come from food (a number of them present in meat, cheese, cheese, etc.). At the time of the diet are eliminated from the diet of any sauces and condiments, salt allowance is limited to a minimum. Protein and vitamin food should be alternated by the hour. Power mode: from 8.00 to 20.30 at intervals of 2.5 hours. Norma unsweetened non-carbonated liquid is not limited to (minimum volume 1.5 l). You can drink water, green tea, herbal infusions (excludes juices, soft drinks, alcohol).

protein Sources
• Egg
• Meat
• Seafood
• White cheese
• Fish
• low-Fat cottage cheese
• lean meat poultry
• Cooked sausage

Vitamin food:
• Raw and boiled vegetables (except potatoes, beans, peas)
• Fresh fruits (with the exception of persimmons, grapes, apricots, bananas)

sample menu:
• Breakfast (any 1 product): low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs, cheese or low-calorie white cheese
• lunch (choice of): boiled beets, fresh tomatoes, grapefruit
• Lunch (any 1 product): 200g beef, chicken or liver, boiled
• Afternoon tea: apples (coleslaw, orange)
• Dinner (any 1 product): lean ham, boiled squid or steam fish
• Second dinner (to choose): salad of radishes and cucumbers, or fruit (orange or pear)

Diet No. 2 (alternating days)

This version of the diet lasts 14 days. The average weight loss is 5-7 lbs. Protein and vitamin products are interspersed with an interval of 2 days.

Protein days (sample menu)

• Breakfast: steam protein omelet, 10 g white cheese
the Second Breakfast: 100 g of boiled chicken breast without skin and a sauce made with low-fat yogurt and mustard powder
• Lunch: meat or chicken broth, and boiled fish.
• Snack: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese or cheese
• Dinner: 200 g steam fish

Vitamin days (sample menu)

• Breakfast: smoothie (without dairy components) or fruit salad (no dressing)
• lunch (choice of): banana (Apple, pear)
• Dinner: salad of fresh or boiled vegetables (you can fill it unrefined vegetable oil)
• Snack: fresh berries or smoothies based on fruits and berries (no dairy ingredients)
• Dinner: steam, baked or steamed vegetables

In the days devoted to protein-rich foods, it is recommended to take extra fiber (to prevent constipation). Liquid diet includes water and unsweetened teas (for all days). Protein days can be added to the diet of low-fat dairy products (milk, yogurt, kefir). Vitamin days it is permissible to drink your homemade juices (preferably diluted with water) and decoctions of fruits and berries (without added sugar). As in the first embodiment, of the diet excludes simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, etc.), as well as alcohol. The fat source can be vegetable oil (in limited quantities).


it is Important to know that any protein-vitamin diet can be used only in the absence of health problems. The greatest danger this technique poses to people with abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.


the Vitamin-protein diet helps lose weight fast. Judging by the reviews, the result can be saved only in case if at the completion of the main phase go on a diet (need to limit the intake of simple carbohydrates and animal fats).