Diet for those over 30

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This diet was designed by nutritionists specifically for people who are over 30, taking into account their physiological needs. Diet is balanced and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Diet for those over 30 — sample menu for one day:

Breakfast – 120 g low-fat cottage cheese with two slices of bread from wheat flour, salad of fresh vegetables. Decaffeinated coffee or tea without sugar.
lunch – assorted fresh green vegetables and 2 pieces of sour fruit.
Lunch – low-fat vegetable soup, vegetable salad with three tablespoons of peas, a small piece of Turkey breast, lean beef or liver.
Snack – glass of low-fat unflavored yogurt, two fruits (preferably apples and oranges).
Dinner — fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil, 100 g low-fat cottage cheese, slice of bread.

throughout the day, drink an average of about 11 glasses of water to help flush out the kidneys products of fats. Instead of sugar use a substitute. And fruits prefer apples, oranges, tangerines and plums. Vegetables can eat all the green vegetables in unlimited quantities.