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Diet for healing the gut


This diet improves the bowels and normalizes metabolic processes. Survive on this diet for ten days, and you will feel healthier intestines, and at the same time will throw 5-7 kg, as a result of improved metabolic processes!

During the observance of such a diet need to drink non-carbonated mineral water, and drink vitamin C.

diet for healthy bowel stick to the main rule — do not eat: sugar, salt, carbonated water, bread.

Diet for healing the gut — menu is:

1-2 day absolutely hungry, try to sit on the green apples, and in the evening to drink a Cup of tea with a spoon of honey.

3rd day — Breakfast: oatmeal, boiled in water without salt and sugar, a glass of mineral water; lunch: 200 gr. cooked beef, tomato dinner: 200 gr. cooked rice (a little bit of soy sauce), a Cup of tea with lemon.

4-th day — Breakfast: oatmeal, Cup of coffee; lunch: 2 apples, slice of lemon; dinner: Apple and orange.

5-th day — Breakfast: grated carrots, drizzled with lemon juice, nonfat yogurt, 150 gr. low-fat cottage cheese, mineral water; lunch: baked potato, 2 hard-boiled eggs, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers pour vegetable oil dinner: 200 gr. cooked rice (a little bit of soy sauce), a Cup of tea with lemon.

the 6-th day — Breakfast: oatmeal; lunch: oatmeal dinner: 200 gr. boiled rice.

7-th day — Breakfast: a Cup of coffee; lunch: vegetable soup, Apple, 150 gr. low-fat cottage cheese; dinner: kefir.

the 8-th day — Breakfast: oatmeal, a glass of mineral water, broth of vegetables, 3 apples, an orange; lunch: yogurt; dinner: boiled fish, 2 orange, tea.

the 9-th day — Breakfast: yogurt lunch: fish, tea dinner: 200 gr. cooked beef, rice, 3 apples.

the 10-th day — Breakfast. yogurt; lunch: tea with honey dinner: rice, orange and lemon slice.

Not recommended diet for intestinal health during hard work or strenuous exercise.