Diet for waist

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Advice on nutrition

to lose weight in your waist, you have to limit caloric intake from carbohydrates (cut the proportion of simple carbohydrates). Also fall into disgrace fats (mainly animal fats). To completely abandon them is impossible, because the lipids required for the assimilation of vitamins from food to maintain hormonal and metabolic processes. If an urgent need to adjust the waist, be prepared to reduce the normal fat intake to 30-50 grams per day. Such a regime cannot be met on a continuous basis – if you decide to lose weight slowly, then the norm of this element can increase up to 80 grams per day. Diet for waist provides for the restriction of salt. If excess amounts arise on a background of swelling, will have to monitor the amount of free liquid. Don't use spices and seasonings that increase the appetite. In order to lose weight in your waist, you need to increase the intake of dietary fiber. Products can be boiled, simmer, bake. Instead of sugar, it is permissible to use substitutes – xylitol, sorbitol. Norm of carbohydrates should not exceed 150 grams per day. The norm protein of 90-110 grams per day. You need to eat 5-6 times a day.

you want to exclude from the diet:

  • Fat and fried foods
  • Fast food
  • Pastries
  • Semi
  • Any fatty sauces
  • Fatty dairy products
  • Pastries
  • Fatty meats, sausages, pates
  • Fried, salted, smoked fish
  • Bacon
  • Sweets
  • Sadka soft drinks, beer, alcohol, cocoa milk

Diet can be on their own, given that the basis of the diet should be vegetables and grains. Supplement can be vegetable protein, vegetable oil (it is used in cooking and for salad dressings). In limited quantities, you can eat bread with bran, and rye grain (white bread on the diet is better to forget).

Sample menu diet

Morning: 100 g low-calorie cottage cheese, slice of melon, coffee (as an option – 25 g of cereal, low-fat yogurt, Apple)
lunch: a decoction of rose hips, 1 tsp. honey
Dinner: 150 g steam or baked in foil fish, steamed veggies (cauliflower, broccoli), fruit, green tea (as an option – leafy vegetables, rye toast, 50 g boiled chicken fillet, 40 g low-fat cheese)
Afternoon tea: half grapefruit
Dinner: 120 grams of meat (you can cook a steak on the grill), 2 tbsp green peas, roasted tomatoes and mineral water (as a variant – 75 g of boiled fresh meat, portion of salad from green vegetables, the juice diluted with water)


Diet for beautiful waist is no different from other low calorie diets. If you follow the above recommendations and exercise, it is possible to adjust the entire figure as a whole and not a separate problem area.