Diet Laima Vaikule

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How did the diet?

Lyme Vajkule has always followed and continues to follow her figure. She tries to keep the bar weight at 47 kg. the Life of the artist is not subject to the regime: late meal and friendly feast periodically make adjustments to her image. To maintain ideal weight, lime has developed its own method of weight loss.

Diet is 9 days and includes 3 stages, each of which is based on the use of only one product. Judging by the reviews, hard the nutrition plan allows you to lose 4-9 kg (the higher the initial weight, the more fat out).

Lyme She says: in her case, the weight loss is what is called a "creaking". Singer by nature slim, and with a Constitution for a large weight loss can not count.

In urgent cases, lime has resorted to another proven remedy: for two days she did not eat, only drink unsweetened liquids.

Menu diet limes Vajkule (- 9 kg in 9 days)

the First three days of the diet devoted to rice. The singer is preparing a unsalted porridge from brown rice (the proper ratio of cereals and water 1:2) and eat it throughout the day. As a Lenten dish has a unattractive flavor, lime flavored it with a small amount of soy sauce and dry herbs. Singer recommends that you daily drink at least 2 liters of unsweetened fluids.

Brown rice is a special variety of this useful cereal grain such rice, in contrast to the ground of the product during processing are not released from the shell, so keep a lot of useful items. If it is not possible to buy unpolished cereals, use white rice (it is recommended before cooking to soak in cold water).

the Second cycle of the diet allows you to treat yourself to a boiled chicken fillet – this product is good fills, besides protein prevents muscle loss. Fillet (without skin) also have to cook and eat without salt.

To this product was not too tasteless, before cooking it can be marinated in a mixture of dried herbs and soy sauce. Needless to say, during the "cold cycle" you need to drink plenty of unsweetened fluids – it will improve digestion and cleanse the body from decay products.

the Final phase of the diet again passes priority to carbohydrates for three days supposed to eat apples (very sweet varieties are excluded, but otherwise no restrictions).

the Apples can be eaten fresh, and also use them for juicing or for baking (and in that and in other case the sugar is excluded). As at previous stages of the diet it is important to observe the abundant drinking regime (in priority water without gas).

The opinion of a specialist

Because the proposed menu does not give the body the right amount of nutrients during the diet are advised to take a vitamin and mineral complex.


do Not begin a diet after the recent infectious and viral diseases. This meal plan is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation and in the presence of chronic diseases of internal organs.

Diet limes Vajkule for weight loss: why it works?

In the daily life of Laima Vaikule trying to eat rationally, because any diet (especially strict) causes the body to experience stress. The singer will include in your diet as healthy foods, drinking tea with lemon and honey and trying to sleep is, according to the recognition of the limes, allowing it to maintain a woman's beauty and charm.