Diet No. 0

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This medical table assumes the most severe restrictions – diet 0 is used for the rehabilitation of patients after surgery (in particular, on the organs of digestion). The nutrition plan has 3 options – 0A, 0б and 0V. They are used consistently.

Diet 0A

This diet is prescribed after surgery on the digestive system. It lasts 2-3 days (at the discretion of the physician). The diet contains 10 g of protein, 15-20 grams of fats and 200 g carbohydrates. The patient should eat — fractional 7-8 times a day. Rate of salt – 1-2 g In the basis of the diet — drink warm (optimal temperature is about 45 degrees Celsius).

Recommended products:
• Light fat-free broth without salt, cooked lean beef or chicken without skin
• Mucous membranes broth-based rice — 1 part rice to 4 parts water (to the strained decoction add 1-2 tbsp low-fat cream)
• Fruit jelly
• Fruit compotes and jellies from the ripe sour fruits (potato starch without aromatic additives)
• Natural fruit juices
• Weak sweetened broth hips (if tolerated)

a Single serving of drink should not exceed 200 ml (total amount of liquid 1.8-2.2 l). Energy value of the diet – 755-1020 kcal. Any other food and drinks in the postoperative period are excluded, but the doctor may consider the appointment of a special formula.

Diet 0б

the Following diet table is assigned to 0 a few days after the operation (after dieting 0A). Energy value of the diet is increased to 1520-1650 kcal. Correspondingly increased and the rate of nutritional elements (protein and fat 40-50 grams per day and intake of carbohydrates – 250 g per day). The amount of salt can be up to 4-5 g, the norm of free fluid – 2 L. the Weight of each serving is 350 to 400 g diet 6 times a day. In the diet are all products of the previous diet.

In addition, you can use:
• Semolina mucous soups with vegetable broth
• Pureed liquid porridge made of buckwheat and rice, and also from Hercules
• Steam egg white omelets and soft-boiled egg (it before use, knead with a fork)
• Puree cooked meat (fish)
• Steam souffle lean meats and fish
• Mousse of sweet berries

the Duration of this stage – a week or more (at the discretion of the physician).

Diet 0V

the Transition to this diet table is only after diet and 0б 0A. The portion size was increased to 500 g. the Energy value of the diet increased to 2200-2400 calories. The protein is 80-90 grams of fat is 65-70 grams of carbs –320-350 g. the Amount of salt increase to 6-7 grams, but the amount of free fluid a few cut – up to 1.5 l This diet prepares the body of a patient to physiologically complete diet. To eat is 6 times a day. Food and drink must have a comfortable warm temperature.

the basis of the diet are:
• Soups and soups-creams
• Steam meat and fish (in mashed form)
• Steam dish of cottage cheese
• cottage Cheese with cream (the product is ground until a soft homogeneous mass)
• Milk drinks
• Baked apples
• Fruit and vegetable puree
• White bread – 75 grams per day.


After surgery, the body needs to intake calories. Practice shows that 0 diet prescribed by a doctor, helps to get the digestive processes and speeds up rehabilitation.