Hourly protein-uglevody diet

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the Essence of such protein-carbohydrate diet is that every meal has its own time. Suitable for those who wish to normalize the metabolism. The variety of food in diet will allow you to adhere to a system of power without much effort and stress.

the Deadline diet unlimited, can choose constant power supply system, as it contains all the essential minerals and vitamins for our body. Basic rules: no eating and alcohol! If you are a lover positech in the evening over a beer (or something stronger), then this diet is not for you.

the Loss of lesego weight depends on the characteristics of your body, the pounds will go, once restored metabolism. This is typically 2-3 kg per week.

Hourly protein and uglevody diet menu is:

Breakfast (6.00-9.00). Protein foods with the lowest fat content: yogurt, eggs, ham, boiled meat. Carbohydrate: oatmeal porridge on the water without sugar, fruit.

Snack< (10.30). A small slice of low fat cheese, 1 tbsp. fat-free yogurt. If you do not feel strong hunger, the snack, it is better to avoid. Lunch (14.00). Meat (chicken, fish, beef on the grill) with vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil. Afternoon tea (16.30). Salad of green vegetables or an Apple. Dinner (17.00-20.00). Meat (chicken, fish, beef grilled) with wild rice or vegetable side dish (except potatoes), tea without sugar.