Diet for beautiful skin

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Information about diet

a Diet improves skin condition, is based on proteins that support skin tone and fatty acids that improve the lipid balance, creates a protective barrier that prevents dehydration of the epidermis. The diet contains antioxidants – they prevent premature aging, are involved in the formation of collagen, protecting against the destructive action of ultraviolet radiation stimulate cell regeneration. Other important components of hemoglobin (delivers oxygen), melanin (responsible for pigmentation), carotenoids (prevent premature aging). Necessary for the production of melanin products such as almonds, peanuts, soy products, bananas. For the amount of hemoglobin answer walnuts, pomegranate, persimmon, dark chocolate, buckwheat, green apples. Carotenoids are present in bright varieties of fruits and vegetables.

If the skin dries, loses its tone and peel off, it might indicate not only insufficient intake of fats, but also about a serious lack of vitamins. The skin with essential b vitamins (they are present in almost all products) and ascorbic acid (sources: currants, citrus fruits, sauerkraut, etc.). Do not forget about vitamin E (present in egg yolks, butter, vegetable oil, seeds, nuts). To prevent sagging of the skin helps Biotin (vitamin H). It is present in nuts, milk, egg yolk, organ meats, brewer's yeast.

Diet eliminates alcohol (you can drink only dry wine), sweets, processed foods, very fatty foods (excess fats are as dangerous as the deficit), spicy, salty, smoked dishes. Do not abuse coffee. Excluded sweet lemonade.

Sample menu

Breakfast steam omelet with a slice of lean ham or a serving of cottage cheese with fruit pieces, muesli bars, green tea
Lunch: carrot salad with a small amount of low fat sour cream, vegetable soup, braised Turkey fillet with potatoes, broth hips
Dinner: porridge made with wild rice, fish fillet, cooked in the oven, tomato juice
Snacks: low-fat yogurt, fresh berries, fruit, vegetable or fruit juice (optional)
throughout the day: 8 cups water (between meals)


Diet for beautiful skin is based on available products – it is important to observe the balance of nutrients and avoid the intake of "junk" food.