Protein diet for 7 days

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a Protein-based diet designed for 7 days intended for sportsmen and people leading a passive lifestyle. In addition to the main component of diet (protein) in the menu needs to include sources of fiber. If you do not follow this rule, in the process of losing weight will have problems with bowel movements. Advantage of protein diet is a "fed mode" — rich in proteins is saturated, so to sustain diet is easy. Another plus is the smallest in comparison with other methods, slowing metabolism (that is, you will lose weight steadily, not pausing for one mark).


it is Important to remember that protein diet is not good for people with kidney problems. This technique is contraindicated in the presence of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, cardiovascular system. Even in the absence of such problems does not hurt to consult a doctor regarding the appropriateness of a protein diet.

Options protein diet for 7 days

Option # 1

This version of the diet proposes to abandon sources of carbohydrates. Excludes bakery products, cereals, fruits, etc. (valid only green vegetables and tomatoes). The range is wide enough proteins
• Lean meat and fish
• cottage Cheese, yogurt, yogurt, low-fat cheese and other dairy products.
• Eggs

sample menu for 1 day:
• Breakfast: 100 g unsweetened yoghurt and 150 g of cottage cheese
• lunch: steam protein omelet, tomato
• Lunch: boiled chicken fillet (you can substitute it with fish), and also salad green vegetables.
• Snack: protein shake
• Dinner: steam fish with lemon juice and herbs

Option # 2

This variant of the diet is divided into stages. Training (2 days) and completion (1-2 days) based on the consumption of protein and small amounts of complex carbohydrates. The main part of the diet for high enriched in proteins.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: unsalted porridge on the water (4 tbsp) and tomato
• Second Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese (100 g)
• Lunch: lettuce, 200 g steam fish, vegetable juice
• afternoon Snack: yogurt
• Dinner: stewed mushrooms and boiled chicken.

• Breakfast: toast with cottage cheese pasta
• Second Breakfast: yogurt or yogurt
• Lunch: beef steak and greens
• Snack: a handful of nuts
• Dinner: grapefruit and seafood

• Breakfast: yogurt and 150-200 g of cottage cheese
• lunch: protein shake
• Lunch: lettuce and 200 g of boiled chicken
• Afternoon tea: grapefruit (a few cloves)
• Dinner: fish stew (200 g)

• Breakfast: steam protein omelet
• Second Breakfast: yogurt
• Lunch: beef stew (200 g) and cucumber
• Snack: Apple
• Dinner: steam fish and cucumber

• Breakfast: baked cottage cheese pudding (200 g cottage cheese, 1 tbsp bran, cinnamon and 2 protein)
• Second Breakfast: yogurt
• Lunch: chicken soup (chicken fillet, cream, eggs, herbs)
• Snack: a handful of nuts
• Dinner: steam the spinach omelette

• Breakfast: boiled unsalted buckwheat (100 g)
• lunch: 100 g of yogurt and cottage cheese
• Lunch: steamed vegetables and a serving of fish
• Snack: 100 g of berries and 200 ml of yogurt
• Dinner: 200 g chicken fillet, greens

• Breakfast: toast and egg white omelet
• Second Breakfast: yogurt
• Lunch: beef steak and a serving of vegetables
• Snack: almonds (30 g)
• Dinner: a portion of boiled beans and fresh vegetables

Drinking regime

Any of the proposed protein diets require drinking large quantities of unsweetened liquid. This helps to improve digestion and excrete the decomposition products of fats. You can drink non-carbonated water and unsweetened herbal teas (about 2 liters a day).


Protein diet is combined with sports (especially power loads). It's recommended to do 2-3 times a week.


Protein diet for 7 days has the most positive feedback. This technique allows to build a beautiful body, without exhausting himself to death. However, it should be remembered that exceeding the recommended time can damage health.