Diet for 3 weeks

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Recommendations diet

What recommendations gives efficient diet for 3 weeks? This diet is based on the principle of alternating – throughout the week you will have time to go from unloading to the proteins, and then carbohydrates. This approach provides the best result – body no time to readjust to work in economy mode, so the fatty tissue is burned with the greatest intensity. Average weight loss in 3 weeks – 6-7 kg.

The stages of the three week diet

so the three-week diet is divided into 3 stages.

Stage 1: unloading

At this stage, you do not need to luxuriate, or hungry. For 1 day you will drink skim milk and kefir minimal-fat (total – 2 liters per day). Will have to eat only toast of black bread (2-3 pieces a day). This stage helps the body to adjust to less calories diet.

Stage # 2: protein diet

In the second phase of the three-week diet in a priority position goes protein foods. Its duration is 2 days.

• Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee with low-fat milk (add a little sugar), rye toast with a little butter, and 1 teaspoon of natural honey
• Dinner: low fat meat or chicken broth, 100 g boiled meat, 2 tbsp of canned green peas
• Snack (3 hours later): 250 ml of skim milk and 0.5 tsp honey
• Dinner: 50 g of white cheese 100 grams of meat or fish boiled with 250 ml nonfat yogurt

Stage # 3: starchy food

2 More days you have to devote to the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

• Breakfast: a green Apple or a small orange, 200 ml of freshly prepared grapefruit juice, a Cup of coffee (do not add sugar)
• Lunch (1 dish to choose from): combined vegetable soup, vegetable stew, salad, roasted vegetables
• Afternoon tea: a couple of fruit (bananas and grapes are excluded)
• Dinner: salad made from white cabbage or red cabbage, carrots, greens, vegetable oil and lemon juice and a Cup of tea (preferably green)

power design:
• Day # 1: unloading
• Days 2 and 3: proteins
• Days 4 and 5: carbohydrates
• Days 6 and 7: proteins
• Day # 8: unloading
• Days 9 and 10: carbohydrates
• Days 11 and 12: proteins
• Days No. 13 and 14: carbohydrates
• Day # 15: unloading
• Days No. 16 and 17, proteins:
• Days No. 18 and 19: carbohydrates
• Days 20 and 21: the whites

Out of the diet

As the meal plan suggests serious limitations out of the diet should slowly and gradually. In any case, you can't pounce on food. Eating is fractional (5-6 times a day), small portions (middle portion weight 200 g). Align the menu of both stages: every day eat some meat (fish, chicken), dairy products, fruits, vegetables. Still limit the consumption of sugar and salt. Finish dinner no later than 3 hours before bedtime. Gradually increase caloric intake by adding each day, 200 kcal (stop when the caloric value reaches the optimum level, calculate the index using an online calculator).


a Diet designed for 3 weeks, promotes stable weight loss. Practice shows that during the first weeks saw the biggest plummet, then the rates may be lower (but not stop).