Cabbage fasting day

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Fasting days on the cabbage, are recommended for many diseases. For example, cabbage-meat day appointed in atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity; cabbage-Apple — hypertension, heart disease and blood vessels, obesity, diabetes; cabbage-fish — obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes; cabbage — hypertension, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis.

Cabbage fasting day

In cabbage fasting day is recommended to eat 1.5 kg of cabbage. The entire volume should be divided into five stages. In addition, you are allowed to drink 2 tbsp. unsweetened weak tea, and that you can replace broth hips.

it is Recommended to add a fasting day a small amount of seafood.

If you decide to use raw cabbage, then the daily rate of the product should be divided into 5-6 salads, adding in each portion of 5 ml of vegetable oil.

• Kale-kefir discharge day

On day 1 you will need 1 liter of yogurt and vegetable salad (for example, salad with sauerkraut, cooked with vegetable oil). In a week you can hold 1-2 of these a day.

• Cabbage-fish fasting day

the Daily rate includes 600-900 grams of raw cabbage and 400 g of fish (steamed or baked). Products should be divided into 5 receptions. In addition, within one day, drink 2 tbsp. unsweetened weak tea.

• Cabbage-Apple fasting day

you will Need 600 grams of cabbage and 900 grams of apples. Cabbage can be consumed as raw and steamed form. In addition, during the day, drink 2 tbsp. unsweetened weak tea.

• Cabbage-meat fasting day

For the cabbage-meat fasting day you will need 400 g of boiled or stewed beef (it should be divided into 5 receptions), as well as an additional 100 grams of raw cabbage (divided into 2 admission). In addition, you are allowed to drink unsweetened 2 tbsp. of broth hips.

There is also the option of a one-day cabbage diet

the Amount of fluids you drink is not limited.

Day cabbage soup diet menu is:

Breakfast: carrots stewed with apples.

Lunch: any cabbage soup or veggie soup (as ingredients for him to use cabbage, potatoes, carrots, prunes, beets, tomatoes, onions) with the addition of a small amount of sour cream (you can substitute cauliflower, sauteed with mushrooms, fritters of cauliflower or stuffed peppers).

Snack: 150 grams of yoghurt.

Dinner: 200 grams of a hodgepodge of lean fish with cabbage.