Diet for fat burning

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it is Important to know that dietary restrictions will not make your figure attractive. Diet for fat loss works only in combination with sports loads without complying with this rule slows down metabolism, and weight loss is slowed.

Fitness diet for burning fat

According to the research, to cross the threshold of 6% of body fat is impractical and dangerous for the health (then the limit of disturbed metabolism, the body begins to consume muscle tissue). Women this figure is not suitable optimal figure is 12-15%. If you do not heed this advice, you will suffer hormonal system is disrupted cycle.

the Pace of weight loss has to be reasonable. Since the main goal is fat burning, not the loss of volume due to removal of excess moisture, then in a week you should lose up to 1.5 kg (a larger amount of fatty tissue our physical body to burn can't). Athletes usually begin drying for 12 weeks of performances, reducing caloric intake to 500-1000 kcal. It should be remembered that the strict carbohydrate-free diet should not take more than 6-8 weeks, the rest of the time is dedicated to reasonable restrictions.

Diet for fat loss and drying of the body provides drink plenty of water – without water it is impossible to ensure normal metabolism and cleanse the body from decay products. Hard wheat-free eating plan is observed for 5 days, then 2 days devoted to rest. Rate of carbohydrates varies from 0 to 30 g/day, the recommended amount of proteins – 2-4 g/kg. the best sources of this food item: egg whites (the yolks on the diet are excluded), fish fillets (red fish excluded), squid, white meat poultry (skin excluded). During hard drying will either have to settle for low fat dairy products, or completely abandon them. Products can be boiled for a couple and in the water, to cook on the grill. Smoked meats and pickles fall under the ban. In addition to protein, you can eat a small amount of carbohydrates. In the category of acceptable products fall lettuce, greens, cabbage, cucumbers and other foods with minimal glycemic index, and maximum fiber. To eat such products have fresh. Athletes preparing for competitions, for about a week refuse even this low of carbs. Fats in the diet are severely restricted (a number of them comes from meat, fish oil, vegetable oil).

Sample menu

in the Morning, prepare egg white omelet with cheese. Eat a piece of beef take a multivitamin and fish oil. After a couple of hours, boil the chicken, add it to vegetable salad with a small amount of vinegar and vegetable oil. After another couple of hours eat a low-glycemic fruit, take antioxidants. Next meal – fish and steam broccoli. Then comes the turn of Turkey breast and a small serving of vegetables.

If you seek sports tops and you only need diet for burning belly fat, the more tender the following rules increase the rate of vegetables, eat about 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight (outrageous numbers you don't need).


Diet is designed to burn fat, very effective, but people who have problems with the kidneys, it can cause serious problems.