Stone age diet

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Today, more and more popular and more fashionable is the return to a healthy and natural way of life, to nature, to basics. And, of course, the fashion is concerned and diet. One of these modern diets, which received the significant name — stone age diet presented in this article.

the meaning of the diet of the stone age its name implies. You can even eat only those foods that nourished our ancestors, in those days out hunting for food and gathering and began only to master the husbandry and agriculture.

This diet totally contradicts many basic principles of modern dietetics. It is believed that weight gain and weight loss are not directly dependent on the number of calories consumed, ie no need to constantly count calories. Just the Foundation of your meals should make a natural and organic foods, eat less fats and sugars.

in the diet of the stone age you want to eliminate sugar in its pure form, simple carbohydrates and vegetable fats, contained in foods such as pasta, white bread and most prepared cereals. Not allowed to eat processed food and processed foods as they all contain virtually prohibited for this diet components, all the products you need to buy raw and cook yourself.

the Consumption of large quantities of fiber should form the basis of nutrition. Recommended raw vegetables, fruits, legumes, green vegetables, grains, roots and herbs. Eggs, fish and meat you can eat, but in small quantities. Such a diet allows, not wasting energy, gradually lose weight.

It looks like the sample menu for the diet of the stone age on the day:

Breakfast. With the addition of Apple juice concentrate and raisins porridge on the water;

Lunch. Vegetable thick soup with black bread or a bagel from "coarse" flour.

Dinner. Vegetable curry of pumpkin, carrots and potatoes with brown rice.

Due to the fact that foods contain all the necessary substances for the body and are very diverse, to keep this diet possible for quite a long time. You do not want to count calories and, most importantly, to suffer from hunger you will not be restricted to the total amount of food (but, of course, avoid overeating). Weight, with all of this is reduced quite considerably, though not very fast, but steadily.