Fast diet — the choice is yours!

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Fast diet designed for up to 1 week help to lose from 1.5 to 5 kg. unfortunately, most so-called quick diets do not give long to keep the result (that is, to lose weight quickly and permanently will not work). So such diets are more suitable for losing weight "on the case" — for example, the party where you want to show off, or to wear a beautiful dress which, alas, proved to be rather small.

Fast diet is a strong "jolt" to the body, because you dramatically change the ways, and sometimes all of their food addiction. Therefore, many doctors believe that harmless diets do not exist (we are not talking about medical diets which appoints and supervises the dietician or the attending physician to improve your health).

There are a few things that you should pay attention to:

• Everyone is different, so the same diet can help one and hurt another, because there is an individual intolerance of those or other products;

• Most diets do not shape the skills of a balanced diet, so almost everyone who is sitting on a short diet, in an equally short period to return to the original weight. There are times when your weight becomes even more;

• Before you choose a particular diet, better consult a nutritionist. With it, you will be able to determine the most suitable option for you. In addition, if you have health problems (especially chronic disease), consult your doctor.

Such diets are many and you have the option to choose the one that is not contrary to your tastes. The more products you love, the easier it will be weight loss, the softer you will be able to get out of the diet and the longer you can hold the result. In any case, having finished a diet, do not overeat, otherwise all your efforts will go down the drain.

Follow the guidance given in a particular diet. Not tightens it, don't sit on it any longer than necessary. Remember, the number of calories consumed per day for women should not be less than 1,000, and for men — 1700. Otherwise you can seriously undermine your health. In addition, the body is put in tough conditions, after about a week he begins to preserve calories, or the weight loss will slow down, or you start to lose muscle mass that, to put it mildly, not helpful.

Whatever diet you choose, there are some General rules for those who want to lose weight:

• Thoroughly chew food and not be distracted from this process. Reading, watching TV, etc. contribute to the shutdown of receptors, which are responsible for the feeling of satiety.

• do Not overeat before bedtime. This often leads to the fact that the absorbed calories do not have time to turn into energy and replenish body fat.

• Drink no less than 2 liters of water a day. This will help to "flush" the body will not allow him to retain excess fluid. In addition, remember that salt just holds the liquid.

• always eat Breakfast. If the body is in the morning have not received their portion of fuel, it slows down the metabolic processes.

• Eat a little (better more often and on slightly, than seldom and much). Small amount of food digested better, your body is constantly fueled with energy and does not require new amounts.