Grandma's diet

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The essence of the diet

This diet does not Shine with originality – it is based on cutting the calorie intake by reducing the proportion of carbohydrates. The nutrition plan rich in protein – this element protects muscle tissue from breakdown. It should take into account the fact that protein food requires for its absorption a certain amount of energy. Rich in proteins products are perfectly saturated, and preserve this feeling.

Another menu item of my grandmother's diet is fiber. Dietary fibers are not digested, but fill the stomach and prevent hunger urges. Passing through the gut, they play the role of the broom, sweeps out the harmful accumulation (undigested food residues, stale stool).

The timing and effectiveness of the diet

This variant of the diet is designed for 7 days – increase the recommended time is not necessary, because the menu cannot be called balanced. Everything else, a long restriction of calorie intake slows down the metabolic processes is weight simply ceases to leave. If there is a need, to diet can resort again, but not earlier than after 2 weeks (better to wait a month). As for weight loss – it all depends on the initial indicators. The larger excess fat you have, the stronger will lose weight. On average takes about 3-4 kg.

Diet menu

throughout the day supposed to drink at least 1.5 liters of water (you can increase this number). To suppress the feeling of hunger, you can shortly before a meal to drink a glass of water. At the time of the diet excludes salt, sugar, hot spices, alcohol, milk, store-bought juices, pastries and cakes. If unsalted food for you is absolutely unacceptable, can be a little prikalivaet already cooked foods or use dry herbs.

• Breakfast: coffee or tea with 1 tsp honey
• Second Breakfast: slice of low-fat cheese (40 g)
• Lunch: boiled egg, 120 g boiled or roasted on a dry pan beef, 20 g low-fat cheese, and lettuce
• Afternoon tea: coffee or tea with 1 tsp honey (instead of honey you can eat a handful of berries)
• Dinner: 120 g beef or chicken, boiled and vegetable salad with vegetable oil
• Before bed: mint tea

Additional recommendations

Dinner is recommended to be completed before 19.00, it is advisable to eat diet. It is extremely important to sleep well while dieting – at night you need to reserve at least 8 hours. Excludes active sports – welcome fresh air and morning exercises. Morning start with a glass of room temperature water – this will help to awaken the body, start the metabolism. When dieting, try to protect themselves from the stress.

The advantages and disadvantages of diet

the Main advantage of diet is a rapid weight loss, but the main drawback is the monotonous menu. It is important to remember that rapid weight loss usually ends with a no less rapid weight regain.


Since the diet includes a large number of protein products, it should not be resorted to in the presence of kidney problems. This technique is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


grandma's diet is quite effective – reviews talking about the fact that you will lose weight steadily. Unfortunately, the monotonous menu is not conducive to a good mood – many believe that to sustain a diet is not easy.