Diet against depression

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Designed diet against depression for a period of from 3 to 7 days. To lose weight it can help just a little bit, but it helps to improve mood, stabilizes emotional background, which certainly has a positive effect on appearance.

Table of content:

Food rules

In this diet included foods that help the body produce serotonin (the pleasure hormone), and also contains various vitamins and antidepressant agents.

During the diet from depression it is undesirable to drink alcoholic and carbonated beverages also do not eat bread, and fatty foods.

Diet against depression recommends the following products: chicken, Turkey, beef liver, fish, seafood, eggs, milk and milk products, cheese, vegetables, fruits, berries, legumes, wheat bran, nuts, spices, dark chocolate, herbal infusions.


Diet against depression — the approximate daily menu:

1st Breakfast. The soft-boiled egg, bread with cheese and parsley, tea with a piece of chocolate;

2nd Breakfast. Fruit salad.

Lunch. Turkey with vegetables, vegetable salad with cheese, bananas with whipped cream.

the Afternoon. Mint infusion with blackcurrant jam;

Dinner. Trout baked with cheese, bean salad and asparagus, hot chocolate.

Before going to sleep. Cup of infusion of Hypericum.