Diet in pulmonary tuberculosis

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The peculiarities of nutrition in tuberculosis

the Main objective of diet is to strengthen the immune system, reduction of intoxication and normalization of body weight (TB patients rapidly lose weight).

As a rule, the disease is accompanied by lack of appetite, meals to be introduced in the diet must be not only nutritious but also very tasty (as well as beautifully decorated).

Deficit, and a surplus of calories to not be. Only if a strong depletion of doctors prescribe diet energy value is higher than the average caloric content of 20-25%.

the Products included in the diet of the patient should contain vitamins (A, C, b), as well as a rich variety of mineral substances. Ideally, the diet should be formulated by the expert takes into account such factors as the nature of the disease, the presence or absence of complications and concomitant diseases, patient's age, occupation, degree of exhaustion, etc.

At the same time, there are General principles of the diet. In particular, patients recommended fractional power mode (4-5 times a day). Meals must be prepared only from fresh ingredients, should preferably be eaten immediately after preparation.

Rules of diet in pulmonary tuberculosis

the Diet of patients should include the whole set of nutrients.

1. Proteins

the breakdown of proteins in the body of patients with tuberculosis is much more intense than in healthy people. On top of that they are digested worse. That is why doctors recommend to increase the rate of consumption of this food item.

preference is given to dairy products — they contain easily digestible proteins. Recommended to drink: milk (including acidophilus), yogurt, kefir, cheese, sour cream, cheese. It is also useful to enter into the diet of the sick, eggs, fish, seafood, poultry, veal, rabbit, soups, cooked in low-fat meat broth. Acceptable, but less desirable sources of protein are meats and fatty meats.

2. Fats

tuberculosis is desirable to slightly increase the fat intake. The priority are vegetable oils and fish oil (do not ignore the butter). However, it is worth to remember that excess fat leads to a rapid saturation, and therefore, patients can quickly lose interest in the food, which is quite undesirable. Animal fats (beef, lamb, etc.) in the diet is better not to enter.

3. Carbohydrates

intake of carbohydrates is calculated individually. As sources of this element it is recommended to use cereals (buckwheat, rice, semolina), vegetables and fruits, pasta, boiled beans, rye and wheat bread, and wheat bran. Allowed sweet honey, cookies, jam, biscuits, mousse, jelly.

the Drink should be plentiful: patients can drink non-carbonated water, juices, stewed fruits, dogrose infusion, tea.

Diet for tuberculosis of the lungs in fact, none of the restrictions – its action is aimed at strengthening regimen. To know the exact recommendation you can get from the attending physician.