Diet № 3A

275 -

Forbidden foods and dishes:

— savoury dishes;
— fried foods.
— vegetable and meat canned food, smoked products;
— vegetables rich in fiber and essential oils (onion, garlic, turnip, radish, cabbage, spinach);
— fatty meat and fish;
— margarine and other fats combined;
— very cold food and drinks.

Featured products and dishes:

— wheat bread and bread from wheat flour, bran, brown bread, nesdobnoe flour products;
— vegetable soups on low meat or fish broth;
— lean meat in the chopped or in pieces;
— eggs soft-boiled or steam omelets;
— dairy products, cheese;
— vegetables, raw and boiled (beets, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower);
— fresh fruit in large quantities, jam, marmalade;
— oatmeal, buckwheat, barley groats;
— low fat mild cheese, low-fat sausage;
— tea, weak coffee, fruit and vegetable juices.

Diet № In — sample menu for 1 day:

1st Breakfast. Buckwheat porridge with vegetable oil, curd cheese, milk tea.
2nd Breakfast. Beet puree with vegetable oil, yogurt (1 tbsp.).
Lunch. Vegetable soup, meat patties, vegetable puree, tomato salad with vegetable oil, Apple juice.
the Afternoon tea. Tea with honey, biscuits.
Dinner. Baked meat with cheese, boiled potatoes, tea with milk.
For the night. Fermented baked milk (1 tbsp.).