Nine-day diet

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Long diet often provide extremely slow rate of weight loss. This version of the weight loss is welcomed by nutritionists, but not impatient personalities. What to do if you need to lose weight "suddenly and immediately"? Please note this a win-win situation as diet for 9 days.

Kefir-Apple diet for 9 days

This diet is designed for 9 days, is quite popular. The menu is just 2 useful product – they perfectly complement each other. Yogurt supplies the body easily digestible protein, vitamins, minerals and lactic acid bacteria, normalize intestinal microflora. Apples – a source of carbohydrates that give us energy, and dietary fiber necessary for proper bowel function. Useful fruits rich in iron, calcium, fluoride, zinc and other minerals. They contain vitamins a, C, E, H, K, group B.

Diet offers alternate these products are as follows:
• the Days № 1...№ 3: water and 1.5 l of low-fat yogurt
• the Days № 4...№6: 1.5 kg of apples and water
• Days No. 7... No. 9: water and 1.5 l of low-fat yogurt

In 9 days usually takes 4-5 kg (with a large excess weight, you can lose up to 9 kg). Repeat diet can be 2-3 months.

Diet Taisiya Povaly for 9 days

Diet for 9 days 9 kg (so many call diet Taisia Povaliy) provides fast weight loss. Of course, 9 kg will take only those people whose weight is "off the charts". If you have a modest excess weight, then the diet will not provide such outstanding results (4-7 kg). Judging by the fact that Taisa tells about their diet, sometimes enough to sit on it for 3-6 days, alternating products day by day.

• the Days No. 1... No. 3: rice – 250 g, water – 2.5 l and honey – 3 tsp.

To make porridge use a long polished rice. In the evening cereal pour cold water in the morning drain in a colander, rinse under running water. Put the prepared rice in a pot, pour hot water (1:2), put on the stove and boil for 15 minutes (salt, spices and butter do not add). Porridge divide into 5-6 portions and eat throughout the day. Dinner complete up to 20.00. Water is also spread throughout the day. Honey eat for Breakfast, at lunchtime and in the evening (if you want, from honey can be waived).

• the Days No. 4... No. 6: water (2.5 l) chicken or fish (1.3 kg or 700-800 g, respectively), honey – 3 tsp.

Chicken or fish cook in a double boiler or boil (if you like variety, alternate them day by day, but don't combine the menu of the 1st day). If you chose the hen, then have her remove the skin, remove the meat from the bones, mix white and red and divide into 5-6 portions. The fish will release from the skin, remove the bones and divide it into 5-6 parts. Eat, keeping between meals equal intervals. Water and honey eat the same as at the 1st stage. Complement to the meat (fish) can become herbs and lemon juice.

• the Days No. 7... No. 9: water 2.5 l, vegetables – 1 kg honey – 3 tbsp

Taisa recommends these days to pay attention to the vegetables green and white (onions, courgettes, cabbage, etc.). You can also use bright vegetables – beets, carrots, tomatoes – their share should be less. Vegetables can be eaten raw or boiled. Some of them makes sense to use for the preparation of salad brush.


the Nine-day diet helps to correct a figure, but according to reviews, most of the weight comes back in the first weeks after the completion of the strict meal plan.