Diet Clint Eastwood

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The ruggedly handsome, which for many years conquers women's hearts, chose for himself a diet of California Professor of medicine Dean Ornish "Life choice". The motto of this power system is paradoxical: "Eat more, weigh less!".

According to Dr. Ornish not to gain excess weight and at the same time to satisfy the body's need for essential fatty acids, you need to use more than 5% but less than 10% foods rich in fats. Except for very fatty food diet Clint Eastwood advises to avoid alcohol, sugar, salt, and products containing caffeine.

encouraged the consumption of foods rich in fiber: fruits, vegetables, rice, dried beans, seafood, meat, dairy products, poultry, and soups and salads.

Diet "the Vital choice" — a typical menu looks like this:

Breakfast: a glass of skim fruit yogurt, a Cup of strawberries, a glass of orange juice, a Cup of decaf.
Lunch: a large tuber baked potatoes, 0.75 Cup broccoli, large green salad, tomato, Apple.
Dinner: salad made of sprouted wheat.