Diet Of Alicia Silverstone

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Famous actress Alicia Silverstone has a strict vegetarian diet, a diet that includes: vegetables, fruit, whole grains, soy products.

The diet Alicia Silverstone — a sample menu is:

Breakfast: bowl of oatmeal with honey, glass of orange juice.
afternoon Snack: a plate of pea soup, fruit salad, tofu (soy cheese).
Lunch: vegetable salad, spinach, pear.
Dinner: almond, peach, raisins.

Also quite popular and is another version of the diet from Alicia Silverstone is a three — day low-calorie diet with restriction of carbohydrates and fats, help to lose a few extra pounds and establish the work of metabolism in the body.

1 day

Breakfast: 170 gr. grapefruit juice, a Cup of wholemeal cereal with soy milk.
Dinner: 170 gr. fresh or cooked vegetables as a complex sandwich, 1/2 Cup of cooked beans.
Dinner: 115 gr. tofu, roasted with Cup mushroom and Cup leguminous peas, 2 cups cooked steamed rice.
Dessert: 2 Patty with rice, 2 teaspoons jam or jam.

2nd day

Breakfast: 2 pancakes with fresh strawberries (or other berries).
Lunch: Cup of chili (stewed vegetables), svezhesvarennogo ear of corn, Cup of fruit salad.
Dinner: 2 slices of cheese pizza, a side salad.
Dessert: 2 plums, a Cup of sherbet.

3rd day

Breakfast: 2 slices low-calorie bread with soy cheese cream.
Lunch: a Cup of stewed vegetables, a slice of rye bread.
Dinner: 2 large pepper stuffed with rice and corn; a Cup of steamed broccoli.
Dessert: Cup of diet yogurt, Cup fresh strawberries.