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Endorphins – the hormones of joy, their level in our organism increases by the use of certain types of products. Most hormones of joy rise after consumption of chocolate, white wine, and bananas. This, of course, not exactly diet foods, but the benefits to mood from them highly visible.

bring Joy also products which have a deep green color is broccoli, spinach and asparagus. Orange foods, such as fresh orange or carrot juice, will immediately enhance the mood. Meals rich in protein (seafood, milk, eggs) the indispensable assistants of well-being and positive mood. In the UK recently there was a special movement is mood food. This movement is based on a large consumption of diet products that enhance the mood. Try to stick to this menu at least a few days, and you will definitely notice the improve your mood and get a charge of positive energy and happiness.

Despite the fact that diet and believe weight, don't forget to pamper yourself with joy.

Here are some of the exciting principles of the diet:

— never give up dessert, albeit a bit but want to try. For example, a great dessert while on a diet can become dates, a hundred grams which contains only 289 calories and the feeling of satisfaction will come.

— don't forget about spices, which are quite low in calories, but can boost immunity, and improve mood. Particularly good in this case, curry, nutmeg, cloves.

— when the mood is not very positive and optimistic, prepare yourself a Cup of hot chocolate and you immediately cheer you up.

Remember that a good company is a guarantee of a good mood. And in friendly company you can enjoy hot mulled wine with spices.

Sample menu fun diet plan for one day:

Breakfast – flavored tea (add the vanilla, coconut), a banana with grated chocolate.

Lunch – a piece of lean meat with vegetable salad, which includes necessarily the carrots and also celery.

afternoon Snack – fruit salad with berries, a small piece of dark chocolate.

Dinner – fresh salad from avocado and tomatoes with various herbs, a few slices of cheese and a glass of good wine.

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