Diet for pregnant

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overweight pregnant would have serious consequences, as the woman and the fetus. Diet for pregnant women – what advice should be, what limitations it entails?

Advice on nutrition

Menu women expecting a child must be complete and balanced. Daily need to get from food 100-120 g of proteins (70-90 g — of animal origin). In the second half of pregnancy protein may slightly increase. Priority sources of protein and dairy products. You can eat meals prepared with eggs, meat, fish. Norm fats — 80-100 g (20 g of vegetable origin). Intake of carbohydrates — 350-400 g in the first half of pregnancy and about 300 g in the second (reduction rules – due to the "fast" carbohydrates present in white bread, pastries, sweets). The regime nutrition – 4-5 times a day. Optimal distribution of caloric value – 40% Breakfast (30% and 10%), 40% lunch, 10% afternoon snack and dinner. The evening meal should include easily digestible foods. Dinner should end 2-3 hours before bedtime. It is not recommended to eat fried foods – food is boiled, steamed, stewed, baked. The rate of salt should be reduced to 5-6 g / day (salt helps the swelling). The rate of fluid – 1-1.5 liters per day. Do not be redundant of vitamin and mineral supplements intended for pregnant women.

Recommendations for menu planning

the Diet recommended in pregnant, includes flour products (up to 100-150 g per day). You can eat white, salt-free, branny, rye bread yesterday's baking, biscuits, cookies app. Do not forget the entrees (200-250 g). The priority of the soups with vegetable broth, seasoned with a small amount of cream or low fat sour cream. It is useful to add greenery. Broth and mushroom decoctions better not to use. Do not get involved in potato soups. The norm of meat products and fish – 150 g per day. It is impossible to use fatty and the skin of poultry. The priority veal, rabbit meat, beef, perch, saffron cod, fillet of poultry.

every day, you can consume 200 ml of milk. It is recommended to eat dairy products medium and small-fat: yogurt, cheese, kefir, yogurt. Egg consumption is limited to 1-2 pieces per day. Sources of fats: butter, vegetable oil. Complex carbohydrates provide crisp cereal, vegetables, fruits. Pasta can be introduced into the diet just by cutting the share of bread.


Diet for pregnant woman – not a whim but an urgent necessity. Adhering to the rational diet are able to keep the weight within the recommended norms.