Kefir diet 3-3-3

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Probiotics included part healthy drink, normalizes microflora of intestines, improves a chair, a beneficial effect on metabolism. Yogurt is used in diets aimed at weight loss, and normalization of the body in a number of diseases. It is recommended to use in diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract (with low acidity), as well as tuberculosis, insomnia, chronic fatigue, lowered immunity.

Fermented drink is a great alternative to cow's milk (with lactose intolerance, it becomes a source of milk protein). Low-calorie product is especially useful for obesity – it not only speeds up the metabolism, but also helps to eliminate toxins resulting from the burning of fatty tissue. Interesting feature: one-day yogurt provides a laxative effect, and a three-day, on the contrary, attaches (it is recommended to select the best option for themselves). Based on the above properties of yogurt, you can safely say – from time to time of kefir diet stick can and should (unless contraindicated).

Variants of kefir diet

There are a lot of kefir diets. We offer you to take advantage of them, which are divided into stages for 3 days. As practice shows, they are easier to sustain (diet devoid of monotony). When a large excess weight-low-calorie diet kefir 3-3-3 takes 7-9 kg, while small – 3-6 kg.

Option # 1
• Days No. 1-3: kefir 1% fat (up to saturation)
• Days No. 4-6: 1,5 kg apples sour-sweet varieties (better to eat them fresh, but you can bake without sugar)
• Days No. 7-9: kefir 1% fat (up to saturation)

Option # 2
• Days No. 1-3: kefir 1% fat (up to saturation), 100 g of boiled brown rice (without salt and oil)
• Days No. 4 to 6: 100 g of boiled chicken (no salt) and yogurt with 1% fat content (up to saturation)
• Days No. 7-9: 1.5 kg apples sour-sweet varieties and kefir 1% fat (up to saturation)

Option # 3
• Days No. 1-3: 750 ml of kefir 1% fat, and 250-300 grams of low fat cream cheese
• Days No. 4 to 6: 1.5 kg of apples 1.5 l of yogurt
• Days No. 7-9: 1 kg chicken fillet and water

Option # 4
• Days No. 1-3: 1.5-2 liters of yogurt with 2.5%
• Days No. 4-6: 1 kg boiled or fresh vegetables (you can prepare the salad or soup), vegetable oil – 1 tbsp (it should be used when cooking), 500 ml of yogurt
• Days No. 7-9: 500 g of boiled fish or chicken, 500 ml of yogurt


any diet a specified number of products you need to distribute into 4-6 portions. It is advisable to eat food slowly to feel full. If kefir days are hard, can be added to the diet of raw low calorie vegetables: cucumbers, lettuce, white cabbage (about 500g). It is quite possible to make cocktails with chopped greens – as practice shows, this drink is good satisfies hunger.

in Addition to the yogurt needs to drink water – about 1.5 l a day. You can also drink unsweetened herbal teas. If you feel lack of energy, can enrich the diet with a spoon of natural honey.

After a nine-day diet should observe certain rules of nutrition will have to the maximum to reduce consumption of sweets (including sugar), animal fats, pickles, smoked meat, semi-finished products. If you ignore this rule, then the weight will quickly recover to previous levels.


Any kefir method of weight loss is contraindicated in the presence of problems such as:
• Increased acidity of gastric juice
• peptic Ulcer disease
• Pancreas
• Chronic diarrhea
• Allergic to any of the products diet

Diet is impossible to stick in the young and elderly, and during pregnancy and lactation.


Kefir diet 3-3-3 does not apply to easy methods of weight loss to sustain it quite difficult (especially the days, implying the use of only one yogurt). Diet result to hold it is extremely difficult – at least half of the lost pounds returned in the next few weeks. The undeniable advantage of diet is a cleansing effect.