Macrobiotic diet Madonna

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Madonna, who appears to be able to negotiate with their age so that to determine it was impossible, a longtime supporter of the macrobiotic diet.

The basic rules of the macrobiotic diet is quite simple:

1. You need to eat only when experiencing true hunger.
2. Food should be thoroughly chewed;
3. Eating on the go, somewhere slowly — it is impossible;
4. Supposed to cook only on a gas stove or over an open fire. No microwave ovens, grills, electric cookers!
5. Should not be consumed on the diet of the Madonna of alcohol, meat, cheese, eggs, spices, sugar, salt.

the Proportion of foods in the diet diet Madonna is distributed like this: 50% — whole grains. 25 percent of fresh vegetables (in any form), 10% proteins (fish, soy, etc.), 5% seafood, 5% soups made with allowed foods, 5% fruit and nuts.

All of these principles is not recommended to break. In General, it is not so difficult, and the effectiveness of this diet, as they say, "there."