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Diet "7 petals"


The authorship of diet

This diet offered us a nutritionist Anna Johansson. A distinctive feature of this technique is a kind of game time: author of the diet suggests to cut out a paper flower with the corresponding number of petals and sign them. Taking every day "passed petal", you will receive a powerful impetus to the successful conclusion of the diet.

the basis of the diet Anna Johansson is a series of mono-diet. Of course, long-term restriction of diet is fraught with unpleasant consequences, but our diet does not require it – every day we will change the product and therefore, any serious damage to the body will not be observed. If necessary repeat the diet after 3-6 weeks.

The principle of the diet six petals

Observed that long-term consumption of the same product is a persistent unwillingness to eat. This means that while mono-diet, we will eat not so much food (despite the fact that the portion size is not regulated).

it is Proven that diet for a single product holding time is not more than 25 hours, has on adipose tissue the most aggressive action.

Water to drink can and should be, and the more, the better. Alcohol, sugar, coffee, fats are banned.

Diet menu 7 petals

• Monday: fish, baked, boiled, stewed. Fish can be anything. You can cook with salt, herbs, mild seasonings. It is permissible to drink fish broth (a kind of fish soup with greens, no potatoes, and other vegetables).

• Tuesday: vegetables fresh, boiled, stewed, baked. From vegetables to prepare juices. Salt, mild seasoning and herbs when cooking vegetable dishes to use is not forbidden.

• Wednesday: chicken meat boiled, stewed, baked (without skin). It is permissible to drink chicken broth. Salt and season the meat.

• Thursday: cereals in all their diversity. You can eat cereals, sprouted seeds and grains, fiber in the form of supplements, bran, cereals breads. Recommended to drink not only water, but also kvass.

• Friday: cottage cheese low-fat (or completely fat-free product) plus natural yoghurt without additives. Recommended to drink tea and milk.

• Saturday: any fruit (fresh or baked). To improve palatability it is permissible to use cinnamon, vanilla, and lemon zest. You can drink water, herbal teas, natural juices, diluted with water in ratio of 1:1 (without sugar).

• Sunday: water
the Classic version of the diet is 6 days additional fasting day is used to improve its efficiency.

The pros of the diet

while undergoing diet 7 petals alternating protein and carbohydrate food. A separate food promotes a healthy digestive system.

Welcome alternation of the "tricks" the body: it hardly feels lacking in nutrients. Only the norm of fats is sharply restricted – throughout the week, their deficiency is compensated only at the expense of fats, present in meat, fish, cheese.

Because of restrictions on the size of the portions are imposed, feelings of hunger usually does not occur.

Cons diet

This diet is not ideal. First, to sustain its not so simple – hardly anyone will get pleasure from the consumption of one product throughout the day.

mono-diet often leads to such unpleasant symptoms as headache, weakness, depression, inability to focus.

Another important point: during the diet 7 petals, a rapid weight loss, which is certainly good news losing weight, but it "upset" the body (best is loss 0.5-0.9 kg per week).


Diet Anna Johansson, according to reviews, very effective. Daily leaves from 450 to 800 g of excess weight. To achieve even greater success allows repetitive diet for 2-3 cycles carried out at intervals of 3-4 weeks, you can lose 10-15 pounds overweight.