Diet № 1P (extended)

332 -

Forbidden foods and dishes:

— spicy, salty and smoked foods
— fried foods
— vegetables with crude fiber (radish, radish, turnip, onion, garlic)
— fungi
— heavy animal fats
— margarine and cooking fats
brown bread
— eggs
— alcohol

Featured products and dishes:

— wheat bread, baked pies from nesdobnoe dough biscuits
— milk and pureed vegetable soups
— lean meat and fish
— omelette steam
— sweet fruits and berries (jelly, jam, mousse, candy)
— dairy mashed cereal porridge
— pasta
vegetable butter
— a decoction of rose hips, berry and fruit juices
— weak tea with milk

Diet № 1P (extended) — sample menu for 1 day:

1st Breakfast. Protein steam omelet, oatmeal with milk, tea with milk.
2nd Breakfast. Fresh grated carrots, boiled chicken, broth hips.
Lunch. Rice milk soup, stew, vegetable stew, fruit mousse.
the Afternoon tea. A decoction of wheat bran, sugar, pie with jam.
1st dinner. Boiled fish in milk sauce, potato puree, salad of fresh beets, tea with milk.
2nd dinner. Boiled milk (1 tbsp.), dry biscuits.
For the night. Boiled milk (1 tbsp.).
during the day. Sugar (30 grams), fruits (350 grams).