Diet for hypertension

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Function diet

With hypertension in the blood vessels, there is an increased water content, which puts pressure on their walls. High blood pressure, in turn, overloads the heart muscle, increases its volume, and then leads to stagnation of blood and lack of oxygen and nutrients. Diet based on limiting salt and fat, corrects this condition, removes excess moisture and prevents the formation of excess weight.

Chemical composition of the food hypertension

hypertension daily requirement of nutrients is as follows:
• Proteins – 90-95 g
• Fats – 80-100 g
• Carbohydrates – 300-350 g

a Hard limit is imposed on the salt (4-5 grams per day) and sugar (40 grams per day). The free liquid must not exceed 1.3 L.

hypertension is shown the fractional diet as crowded stomach presses on the diaphragm and complicates the work of the heart muscle. This creates additional preconditions for the increase in blood pressure.

Key recommendations

hypertension is extremely important to adhere to certain rules of nutrition. The exception shall be any strong brewed drinks: coffee, tea, cocoa. Highly undesirable spices, smoked products, pickles, marinades, soda, and alcoholic beverages.

high blood pressure need to control body weight, as large weight provokes a significant degradation. To avoid building mass, patients should limit the intake of carbohydrate (this is baking, candies and other Goodies). It will not hurt to cut back on the amount of consumed fats – vegetable oils are preferable to fats, butter, margarine and shortenings.

blood Stasis observed in hypertension, triggers an increased production of acidic decomposition products patients should include in the diet of alkalizing foods (vegetables, milk, bread flour, brown rice, etc.).

the Diet of patients is necessary to enrich foods rich in magnesium and potassium (group of useful products include bananas, cabbage of all types, dried apricots, walnuts, carrots, beets, cereals).

With hypertension you need to follow a proper diet. In addition, it is important to manage calorie diet: for Breakfast have a third of the amount of food for lunch – less than half, and for dinner – just a tenth (snacks, too, should not be a serious burden on the digestive tract).

Diet for hypertension

the Average daily caloric intake is 2000 calories (this is calculated individually). Weight daily serving of meat is limited to 200 grams (uncooked). Twice a week high blood pressure it is recommended to go to the vegetarian menu.

the basis of the diet:
• Bread baking yesterday (welcome salt-free diet varieties)
• flour Products (app cookies, dry biscuits)
• Vegetarian soups and first dishes based on milk (portion size — 250-400 g)
• Beef, veal, lean pork, chicken, rabbit, Turkey (any one of the products of pre-boiled)
• Meals from minced meat (steam meatballs, meatballs, meatballs)
• Dietary sausage (limited)
• Lean and moderately fatty fish
• Boiled seafood
• Dairy products (subject to limit cheese, cream and sour cream)
• cereal, cooked in milk or water
• Pasta
• Vegetables (cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, beets, pumpkin, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.)
• Fruits
• Sweet dishes (jellies, compotes, mousse, jelly, Sambuca, dairy creams, jams and honey)
• Sauces made with vegetable broth and sour cream, milk and tomato sauce
• Fruit sauce
• Bay leaf, cinnamon, vanillin, citric acid
• Weakly brewed teas, natural juices, broth hips, as well as a small amount of grape juice

the Exception are:
• Cooking and meat fats
• Sauces for fish, meat and mushroom broth
• hot spices
• Fruits rich in crude fiber
• Smoked meats and tapas
• Eggs
• Pickles, marinades, pickled foods
• Some vegetables (spinach, sorrel, radish, radish, onion, mushrooms, legumes)
• Canned
• Fatty meats and fish
• Offal (liver, brains, kidney)
• Fish, meat, mushroom broth
• Fresh bread and products made from pastry or puff pastry

Sample menu diet for hypertension

• Breakfast: egg, soft-boiled (or steamed an egg-white omelet), milk oatmeal and green tea
• Second Breakfast: baked Apple
• Lunch: barley soup with vegetable broth and a piece of boiled meat, and carrot salad and 150 ml juice or compote
• Afternoon tea: sweet broth hips
• Dinner: cheesecake, steamed fish with mashed potatoes and unsweetened tea
• Before sleep: low-fat buttermilk or yogurt

Ozwy specialists

In the early stages of the disease.

diet for hypertension

combined with gentle exercise, can replace drugs. When drawing up the diet take into account the recommendations given by the attending physician.