Diet Swiss doctors

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we Offer you three types of diets recommended by the Swiss dietitians. Recommended diet is fairly balanced and designed for 7 days. Stick to each of them no more than once a month.

1st option

1st Breakfast: coffee with milk, 100 gr. lean ham, 50 grams. white bread.
2nd Breakfast: half a Cup (100 gr.) vegetable juice.
Lunch: yogurt, baked without fat beef steak (200 gr.), boiled potatoes (100 gr.), sprinkled with parsley, sauerkraut, beets.
Dinner: fish in aspic (100 g.), green salad or chicory (50 g), bakery products (50 gr.), drink from the hips with saccharin.

2nd option

1st Breakfast: coffee with milk, two boiled eggs, 100 gr. bread, radish.
2-nd Breakfast: fruit (100 gr.).
Lunch: vegetable juice, chicken, baked without fat (250 gr.), baked potato (100 g.), salad of raw carrots, spinach.
Dinner: 100 gr. cottage cheese dissolved with milk, green onions, chicory or salad, bread (50 gr.), tomato juice.

3rd option

1st Breakfast: a glass of milk, egg, rye bread (50 gr.).
2-nd Breakfast: Apple (100 g.).
Lunch: carrot juice, boiled or baked without fat pike (200 g.), green salad (100 gr.), boiled or baked potato (100 g.).
Dinner: low fat curd cheese with milk, salad 100 gr. tomatoes or radishes, bread from wheat flour (50 gr.), tea without sugar.