Cleansing diet Nicole Kidman

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just look at this Hollywood diva, to understand that the diet which she adheres to, allows you to keep perfect form and lovely skin.

The main principles of the cleansing diet Nicole Kidman following:

1. Complete cleansing of body from toxins, which is achieved by three-day fasting. You can drink water, herbal infusions, fruit and vegetable juices in unlimited quantity. Those days, you have done a few times a year.

2. In the rest of the time you need to eat only healthy food. About coffee, black tea, alcohol, sodas, frozen food and sugar should be forgotten. All this should not only improve your appearance, but also significantly improve health.

Observing this diet Nicole Kidman, it is very important not to overdo it and not to abuse the cleansing days. Excess weight you certainly will lose, but instead will become weak and faint with hunger. 3 days is enough to get your body cleansed and rejuvenated.