The favorite diet for 7 days

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Recommendations diet

To an empty mode has not led to unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to clean the intestines (can be used as enemas and laxatives). To prevent deficiency of nutrients will allow pharmacy vitamin-mineral complex. Diet should adhere to the 7 days. If you want to extend it, then a couple of days, you can comply with diet 7-day. Repeat the diet is authorized not earlier than 3-6 months.

the Effect of diet is based on the principle of alternating – days with liquid diet with alternate days devoted to vegetables, fruits or lean protein. To eat (drink) have fractional (5-6 times a day). The norm of food is determined individually, but overeating is not. During the diet, avoid serious physical exertion, but lying on the couch not worth it – Hiking in the fresh air are welcome.

Diet diet

Favorite Diet for 7 days – what products it is based on?

• Drinking days (No. 1, 3, 6): water, low-fat soups, yogurt, drinking yogurt with low fat content (no additives), fresh juices of vegetables and fruits, jellies and compotes, milk, homemade milkshakes
• Vegetable day (No. 2): any non-starchy vegetables (raw, baked, boiled, steam), and 1 tbsp vegetable oil (for dressing vegetables) and freshly prepared vegetable juices
• Fruit of the day (No. 4): any sweet-and-sour fruits and berries, and juices made from them
• Protein a day (No. 5): egg whites (boiled or steam omelets), chicken fillet, boiled, low-fat cottage cheese, fish, low-fat cheese, soy, peas, beans, nuts
• Mixed day (No. 7): lean protein, fruits, berries, vegetables, grains

the Exception are: sugar, salt, sugary drinks, fatty foods, alcohol, flour and confectionery.

Sample menu

Day # 1 (mode of drinking fluids every 2 hours)
• Yogurt or homemade milkshake
• Chamomile tea
• Vegetable or chicken broth
• yogurt
• vegetables Juice
• a Decoction of rose hips

Day # 2
• Breakfast: steamed veggies (zucchini, carrots, cauliflower), tomato, herbal tea
• lunch: freshly prepared vegetable juice
• Lunch: vegetable soup, broth hips
• dinner: a salad of green vegetables with vegetable oil, water
• Dinner: roasted vegetables or mixed salad greens

Day # 3
• Tea with lemon or milk
• Yogurt
• a Decoction of rose hips
• Juice of fruit
• Chicken broth
• Compote
• Milk

Day # 4
• Breakfast: oranges – 2 PCs.
• lunch: tangerines – 2-3 PCs or grapefruit
• Dinner: salad of Apple, orange, kiwi
• Afternoon tea: freshly prepared fruit juice
• Dinner: salad of pear, Apple, grapefruit segments

Day # 5
• Breakfast: boiled eggs or steamed omelet and tea
• lunch: 200 g steam fish and broth hips
• Lunch: soup with chicken and peas tea
• Snack: a serving of low-fat cottage cheese, water
• Dinner: boiled white beans and 30 g of low-fat cheese

Day # 6
• Apple-carrot juice
• a Decoction of rose hips
• Yogurt
• Vegetable broth
• Green tea with lemon
• yogurt
• Tea with milk

Day 7
• Breakfast: scrambled eggs steam, green tea
• lunch: baked or fresh Apple
• Lunch: rice soup with vegetable broth, vegetable juice
• Snack: half grapefruit
• Dinner: combined vegetable salad with vegetable oil

Out of the diet

To after a hard eating plan to restore normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended 7-10 days to eat according to the principle of the last day of the diet. Menu can change at their discretion. It is important to avoid the consumption of sweets, fatty and high-calorie foods. The rate of salt should be restricted. Optimal calorie in this period, 1400-1500 kcal.


This diet involves severe dietary restrictions, so is not for everyone. It is contraindicated
• peptic ulcer disease
• gastritis and colitis
• disease of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, liver
• At a young age
• During pregnancy and breastfeeding


Favorite Diet for 7 days – pretty extreme way of losing weight. Such a diet, judging by the reviews, accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger (especially in the drinking days) – not to break is very difficult.