Fruit and vegetable diet for hypertension

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This fruit and vegetable diet is indicated for use in hypertensive patients with overweight. Diet promotes urine excretion, as a consequence of reduction in body weight of the patient and lowering blood pressure.

Fruit and vegetable diet for hypertension is characterized by low energy value, high content of potassium, low amount of sodium and fluid. Cooking food normal, the dishes are prepared without adding salt. Diet or five times a day. Recommended vegetables, fruits, berries and a variety of dishes from them (juices, vinaigrettes, broths, salads, purées, compotes, etc.).

Fruit and vegetable diet for hypertension — sample menu:

Breakfast: hot broth hips or dried currants (Cup), cabbage salad or carrots and apples or rhubarb with vegetable oil (150 grams).

lunch: carrot or fruit juice (half Cup), mashed (150 grams).

Lunch: cranberry hot soup with crackers, wheat bread or vegetarian soup (250 ml) vegetable salad with sour cream or vegetable oil (180 grams).

Snack: nuts (100 grams), grated carrots, or Kale, or beets, or zucchini, or cucumber (150 grams), hot decoction of rose hips (glass) or black currant (glass) with 20 grams of sugar.

Dinner: salad (200 grams), vegetable oil, juice (Cup) of dried fruit.