Diet Angelina Jolie

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Food habits

For starters it's worth noting – Angelina used to eat slowly, and in moments of stress, she forgot about the need to eat. As an example: after the death of his mother, the actress lost a lot of weight (in this difficult period she suffered from anorexia). So much difficulty with maintaining a slim form Angelina does not occur. However, still there are certain diets which it is attached and will be discussed further.

Diet after childbirth

according to rumors, after the actress is still a need to observe certain dietary restrictions. During the recovery period form of diet Angelina Jolie looked like the following:
• Breakfast: lowfat cottage cheese with fruit pieces and a spoon of honey, toast and tea
• Dinner: salad of fresh vegetables (200 g) and any of the fruit
• Snack: raw carrots
• Dinner: boiled and fresh vegetables

How long has the actress been dieting and how much weight did, the sources are silent.

Daily diet from Angelina Jolie

There are reports that the actress has strictly followed the rules: the food should bring benefits to the body, all harmful should be deleted. In the basis of the diet she built a low-fat cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, lean meats, fish, soy and fruits and vegetables. Twice a week the actress include in your diet seafood.

There are certain restrictions. From the vegetable menu, you need to exclude potatoes, corn, legumes, cauliflower, squash, radish, pumpkin, celery and horseradish. In a limited number, you can use zucchini, carrots, beets, eggplant. Welcome green leaf lettuce, parsley, dill, cabbage, arugula, asparagus, spinach, artichokes, sorrel, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, all types of onions, Brussels sprouts, green beans and green bell pepper.

When choosing fruit menu should abandon figs, bananas, dates, persimmons, and grapes. Priority for citrus fruits, pineapple, pomegranate, sour varieties of apples, pears, plums, peaches and berries. In limited quantities, you can eat the dried fruit.

Sources of fat in the diet Angelina are vegetable oils, avocado, nuts (except peanuts). Angelina enters into the diet of porridge, but she does not cook them, and fill with boiling water. She does not forget and about the benefits of sprouted grains. Diet eliminates muffin, pastries, sweets, sausages, alcohol and soft drinks. As for cooking methods – meat and fish should be steamed or baked in foil. Vegetarian food is desirable to eat raw, without heat treatment. Liquid diet diet includes non-carbonated water (priority for clean spring water), as well as freshly made juices, green and ginger tea.


the Contraindications to this method of keeping in shape are cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver, and diabetes. It is not necessary to use diet during pregnancy and lactation.


Diet Jolie completely compatible with the sport. The heroine of this article prefers streetfighting, kickboxing, Kendo. They provide the best combination of muscle and cardio load. Part of the sports programs are exercises with heavy ball (it weighs 5-7 kg).


Diet Angelina Jolie promotes weight loss. She does not have a specific menu – you can make it completely independently, which can not but rejoice. Judging by the reviews, such a diet for a month takes about 5 kg.