Diet Edita

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it's No secret that the singer Edita Piekha is a good example of correct attitude to their health. In his seventy six years of age she looks great, causing no complaints even from the pickiest of critics. The secret of the famous singer lies in a special diet which she adheres to with youth.

In fact, her diet is very simple, but at the same time very effective. With this power you can two weeks to lose weight for five, ten pounds.

The basic rules of the diet

the meal on schedule, in small portions at least five times a day. You can have everything or almost everything, but only in small portions. With a diet is much easier to control your weight because smaller portions help significantly to reduce appetite and you will stop overeating. But the food should be varied, to fill all the necessary body substances.

— the Principle of separation of power. It is necessary to separate proteins with carbohydrates, that is not to take them at the same time. Under normal consumption of food in our stomach turns out to be incompatible with each other food. Her digestion is hampered and slowed down, not oxidized fats and carbohydrates are deposited as fat on our sides. That is why incompatible products must be taken separately with a minimum period of two hours. The body does not get use from non-digestible food, what's more such foods results in the formation of toxins, poisons our body. For compatibility, there are specially designed tables, which provided the perfect combination of food.

you can also arrange fasting days, during which you should adopt any one type of food, for example, only apples or only yogurt, as does Edita. The singer eliminated from your diet all fatty meats, replacing their beloved fish or lean poultry. It do not consume spicy and salty foods, and prefer honey and sweet fruits instead of sugar. According to her great benefit to the body bring out any natural juices, fruit and vegetable and their mixtures. For example, a mixture of beet carrot and greens in the ratio 1:3:1 anti-ageing effect. In the daily diet of the famous singer is always present in seaweed known for its beneficial properties for weight loss.

If you need to lose weight, Edita is such a diet:

For Breakfast — one boiled egg, bacon, low-fat yogurt.
For lunch — the chicken or fish with steamed vegetables.
For dinner — boiled potatoes, salad of vegetables.
In between you can eat fruits — pears, oranges, apples. The diet should not last more than two weeks. "But of course, it is better not to bring themselves to the point where you need to lose weight",- says the singer.