Diet-type figure

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Picking up a diet food plan, you should consider which areas of the body detract from the overall impression. Diet-type figure will help you to achieve perfection.


call a Rectangular shape, where the shoulders, chest, waist and hips are visually approximately equal in volume. Women with such figure, rarely recover. If this happens, the fat accumulates mainly in the abdomen. Diet displays the priority position of protein foods. Will have to give up coffee, sugar, sweets. Excludes late meal. Protein diet should be supplemented with physical activity (preference for Pilates, swimming, aerobics, dancing).


In this case, the hips and chest are about the same, waist is noticeably narrower hips. If women with a similar figure, better the fat is distributed approximately evenly. Will help to lose weight leafy vegetables, lean meats, egg whites, nuts (small amounts), whole grain bread, brown rice, and other "slow" carbohydrates, dairy products, minimal fat. The exception shall be alcoholic beverages, sugar and sweets, any fatty foods. To enhance the performance of diet will help dance, yoga, aerobic exercise.



This type of shape characteristic rounded shape, no waist, full chest and shoulders. If weight gain fat is distributed approximately evenly. Diet includes the restriction of admission of simple carbohydrates. It is recommended to increase fiber intake (it is permissible to use a dietary Supplement). You can eat lean proteins (dairy products, meat, fish, eggs). Excluded sweets, animal fats. It is undesirable to use sweet varieties of fruits, starchy vegetables. Recommended cardio.


Diet-type figure is a variation of the popular diets. In any type of shape it is recommended to limit the consumption of sweets and fats, which is not new.