English diet 21 days

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The principles of English diet

English diet is designed for 21 days. It is based on the principle of alternation of protein and carbohydrate food. Precede diet hungry days (2 days of unloading designed to customize the body in the desired fashion). For 3 weeks every day we need to drink about 2 liters of non-carbonated dining room or mineral water (you can also melt water to drink). It is desirable to abandon the salt replacing it with herbs and spices. Products can be boiled, simmer, bake, cook on the grill (frying with grease is contraindicated). Dinner should be finished before 19.00. To avoid problems with a chair, it is recommended that before going to bed to eat 1 tbsp vegetable oil (olive, flax). Completely eliminated flour products, sweets (including sugar), alcohol (occasionally permissible to drink a little bit of quality dry wine). With regard to the effectiveness of this technique, everything is strictly individual: when a large excess weight, you can lose about 10 kg. With a relatively small weight will take about 5-7 kg.

Diet diet

Recommended products:
• Vegetables: carrots, pumpkin, eggplant, cabbage, beets, garlic, green beans, bell pepper, onion, asparagus, tomatoes
• Cereals (you can add them to the soup): buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal
• Beef, veal, white meat chicken, lean fish, lean ham
in Milk or kefir minimal-fat
• Tangerines, apples, lemons, kiwi, pineapples, oranges, grapefruits
• Pistachios, pine nuts, walnuts
• Cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, parsley, dry or fresh mint, thyme, Basil
• Dried rye bread
• honey
• oil and butter (a little)

The diet of the diet is distributed to the stages.

Stage 1 (unloading from the menu to choose from)
• 150 g dried rye bread, 1 liter of milk (you can substitute the same amount of yogurt) and a large tomato or 1 tbsp tomato juice
• 1 l herbal tea, water and 1.5-2 kg of sour-sweet fruit

Phase # 2 (lean protein)
• Breakfast: coffee with added non-fat milk, rye toast 0.5 tsp of butter, 0.5 tbsp honey
• Lunch (about 12.00): low fat fish, chicken or meat broth – 200 ml, lean meats (fish, poultry) boiled – 200 g, toast and 2 tbsp of green peas or any vegetables
• Snack (3 hours later): skim milk 250 ml and 1 tsp. honey
• Dinner: yogurt – 250 ml, of rye toast, eggs – 2 PCs. or 50 grams of lean ham (you can also eat a handful of nuts)

Step # 3 (carbohydrate loading)
• Breakfast: fruit (from allowed list) – 2 PCs.
• Lunch (around 12.00): toast, vegetable soup without potatoes or vegetable stew
• Snack (3 hours later): fruit
• Dinner (4 hours later): green tea, 1 tsp. honey and vegetable salad

Scheme of alternation

Discharge is preceded by diet (2 days) and completes it (1 day). Proteins and carbohydrates alternate schemes: 1/1 or 2/2. After a diet you go on a regular diet, but it is important to control the portion size – they should be small (recommended to eat from plates with a small diameter). To not want to eat, you should eat food slowly, chewing thoroughly (to reduce the rate of absorption of food will allow teaspoon).


it is Important to remember that English is a low-calorie diet for 21 days not suitable for people who have problems with digestive organs. Since the diet involves the use of protein days, it is contraindicated for people with kidney disease. You cannot use this technique in severe physical and mental stress.

During the passage of the diet can cause unpleasant symptoms: dizziness, weakness, irritability. Mitigated can,
drinking tea with honey and crackers (one-time "deviations" from the rules, as a rule, in the diet result not shown). If negative symptoms persist for a long time, the diet is to give (more suited balanced method).


the English diet for 21 days has a variety of responses. Someone this technique really helps to lose weight, and quite significantly. Someone above food plan is absolutely not like – besides being constantly hungry and will lose weight very slowly (2-3 kg for 14 days). However, in most cases, the scheme of alternation of protein and carbohydrate is justified – the body does not go into power save mode power consumption and actively uses fat accumulation.