Diet Peta Wilson

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Briefly about the diet

to maintain perfect form, it is twice a month adhere to a certain diet. This diet lasts one week, i.e. seven days. During this time, the actress eats yogurt with a minimum percentage of fat and only a small number of products. Of course, all food without added salt and sugar. Before you begin a diet, Peta Wilson cleans your intestines. According to the actress, this diet allows you to quickly and easily clean the body of excess 4 pounds in just a week.

Diet menu Peta Wilson

on the first day, the actress is fed by five small potatoes (boiled), adding a half liter of yogurt.

the second day of the diet one hundred grams of boiled chicken and also a half liter of yogurt.

On the third day the diet is a hundred grams of lean meat, and all the same and a half liters of yogurt.

On the fourth day, go fish (cooked, lean, one hundred grams) and yogurt.

the Fifth day — a day of fresh vegetables and fruits, kefir.

On the sixth day consumed a half liter of low-fat yogurt.

Day of hunger strike. Need to drink non-carbonated mineral water. Nothing more.

Dear ladies! Remember that before you begin using this diet, you should consult a dietician. It is best to know whether you have contraindications to this diet. Look at yourself in the mirror, do you need it? Remember, your health is in your hands.