Diet beauty

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Many people want to look good and put on a ton of makeup. But almost all forget that to look good you have to start from the inside. You should first consider your diet. Many people choose food of their choice and stuffed myself with carbohydrates and fats. This is wrong. Even despite the fact that you need a lot of energy, it is not necessary to do this.

To the body to work properly, it needs vitamins in large quantities. In order to understand what is healthy and what is not, a special diet of beauty. Sitting on this diet, you don't have to give up foods. You need to choose them right. Some products have a utility that will allow you not only to quickly lose weight, but become beautiful.

the Duration of the diet will depend on you. If you wish, it is possible to sit at least three weeks, and if not, even three days would be enough. Consider what foods you need to eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you follow this diet.

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Breakfast must replenish our strength with energy. For this we cook oat porridge with honey and nuts. It is also possible to add fresh fruit and nuts replace the cream. As a healing morning broth prepare the special drink, which will also have a great tonic effect. Take black tea and medicinal herbs. Herbs need to take equal proportions at its discretion. For example, you can take equal parts of rose hips and Rowan. Someone likes raspberry. Then here's another recipe collection: take equal parts of raspberries, currants, thyme and strawberries. The drink is brewed as a tea.

If you choose to have Breakfast every day, you will get a very good result. This Breakfast contains a lot of vitamins and gives a wonderful rejuvenating effect.


Lunch can be as to what you're used to. But there is one important rule. Twenty minutes before the meal should drink a glass of mineral water. And start your lunch is recommended with a light salad. Salad should fill with only vegetable oil. After the salad you can eat what you want. But the main thing is not to overeat.

Between lunch and dinner to make a special cocktail. The beauty cocktails are prepared with fruits and vegetables. In principle, the fruits and vegetables you can take any. Here are two recipe you can prepare this cocktail. First recipe: lemon juice, celery and parsley to be mixed in equal proportions. The second recipe: take equal parts of orange juice and carrot juice mixed with honey.


In this diet, dinner should be light. You need to eat for dinner, only one fruit salad. The salad can be prepared from any fruit. For example, you can grate carrots, pears and apples. To drink dinner tea vitamin. If there is you really want, and a salad won't help you to get rid of feelings of hunger, you can eat a lot of beef or cheese.