Diet Lyudmila Gurchenko

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Lyudmila Gurchenko, despite his years, was able to stay slim, toned and attractive woman, well-nigh of the reference figure. With the growth of 173 cm and her weight remained in the range of 58 kg, and the volume of the chest, waist and hips 88-56-96cm. respectively. To achieve such results is possible only by following the rules of a balanced diet and special physical exercises.

the Secret of success Lyudmila Gurchenko is not a special diet, and limiting the amount of food eaten, eating only natural and low-calorie products. To follow these rules all his life, not allowing himself any weaknesses and deviations. This can have a detrimental effect on the figure and health.

Diet menu Lyudmila Gurchenko


Breakfast (optional):
— fruit salad, unsweetened yogurt, or other beverage;
— milk porridge with low-fat, unsweetened drink;
— two eggs in an omelet, unsweetened tea or water;
— cottage cheese, low fat jam about 200 grams unsweetened drink.

Lunch: soup with vegetables, bread, cooked lean meats, fish or poultry about 100 grams, potatoes, pasta and other garnish — 100 grams, 200 grams of salad of vegetables.

afternoon Snack (optional):
— low fat cottage cheese with jam of about 200 grams.
— two slices of chocolate;
— small roll;

Dinner: portion of vegetable stew without using fat.

At night (optional):
— Apple;
— a glass of nonfat kefir;
— unsweetened yogurt.

This set of products provide a normal person's life, at the same time allowing the woman to stay slim and beautiful. Observing for a long time, this diet allowed some deviations from it. In these days you can eat some forbidden foods, but not overeat. And necessary to lead an active way of life, as did Lyudmila Gurchenko.