Israeli diet

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The basic rules of weight loss

Israeli nutritionists claim that you should lose weight slowly. Only in this case you can count on the fat burning zone (fast diet carry weight, mainly due to the excretion of excess fluid and the release of intestinal stagnant stool). The following diet helps to organize the work of the internal organs, cleanse the body of toxins, lose weight and to normalize metabolism.

the Optimal rate of weight loss nutritionists believe 2-8 kg per month (all depends on the initial performance – the more you weigh, the faster it goes adipose tissue). This pace and sets this technique. Due to the minimal constraints to use a diet for a long period of time (after consultation with a doctor).

Recommendations diet

the Main idea of the Israeli loss diet is the right combination of products. Eggs, fish, meat, cheese can be combined with green vegetables. These foods can not eat together with starchy food, milk, sour cream, sour fruits, butter and vegetable oil.

Sour fruits, yogurt, juices, yogurt and milk should be consumed separately from any other food. Fatty foods is completely excluded. We recommend that you drink a lot – in the priority of artesian or spring water (you can drink and regular drinking water without gas).

Sample menu of the Israeli diet

• in the Morning, after awakening (fasting): teaspoon olive oil
• 10-15 minutes: a Cup of yogurt
• the First Breakfast: vegetable salad — 100 g, buckwheat or oatmeal (you can also eat beans or Creamed corn), green tea – 150 ml (in addition to the above menu through the day is to enter in the Breakfast boiled egg)
• lunch: sweet and sour berries and fruit – 200-300 g
• Lunch: vegetarian soup — 200 ml, vegetable salad — 100 g, meat cooked on a couple of 90 g of black bread — 25 g, baked Apple and green tea — 150 ml (one day the meat is replaced with fish)
• Afternoon tea: sweet and sour berries and fruits — 300 g
• Dinner: yogurt or low-fat yogurt — 200 ml fruit weight is 150 grams (equal parts, mix dates, figs, apricots, prunes, walnuts and skip all through a meat grinder)

The pros and cons of the diet

the compatibility of the products – the issue is quite controversial. Some experts in nutrition believe in the absolute groundlessness of such recommendations.

as evidence, they cite the fact that people from ancient times is being omnivorous. Our body has long adapted to a mixed diet, and change of such a food plan can adversely affect health.

With long-term adherence to the rules of separate eating foods that the stomach can adjust to a new style of eating – from now, already difficult to return to the old behavior.

the Plus point of the diet is a slow paced weight loss – this allows you to save your achievements.

Israeli diet – a simple method of weight loss. Is it worth to use it – to solve only to you.