Diet "Green peas"

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Benefits diet "Green peas"

But as practice shows, green peas, though its not a great size, can play in your life and diet is no small role. Many people shudder to recall the days when torment themselves debilitating diet, which are often based on fasting. Feeling constantly tormenting hunger bad effect on General health and on others, are all annoying and constantly wants to eat and eat I want something delicious and certainly not useful.

This remarkable vegetable is not so simple, it contains protein and fiber, but it is not enough, then the feeling of fullness is still to come, that is not true of other vegetables. Also in this crumb contains complex carbohydrates, but as we know, it takes longer to assimilate, and therefore constant feeling of hunger as the normal diet will not. And in order to clarify our conversation say one thing that there is no need, I'm afraid to buy green peas in banks, buy vegetable instant freezing, the advantages of such a frost that all the vitamins and useful properties will remain with him, and you will receive them in full.

Diet menu with green peas

This "green" diet is calculated for a week (7 days). During this time absolutely no feeling of hunger, you can easily rid yourself and your body from 3-4 unnecessary pounds. During this diet you will be able to choose products from the list for each meal and one main dish at lunch. The interval between meals about 2-3 hours, and it is not advisable to eat before going to sleep, calculate, and this time about 3 hours. Like many other diets, does not include a full lunch, as we all understand, you have Breakfast, during the day, twice bitten, and in the evening a light dinner.

Breakfast (daily for weeks)

1. 30 grams of muesli, one Apple, 12 Cup low fat milk drink.
2. Bread with bran, low-fat cottage cheese 30 gram mixed with chopped parsley and dill.
3. One slice of rye bread, 2 tsp jam or honey, 10 grams of butter.

Snack (twice a day)

1. a quarter of a kilogram of plums or 150 grams natural low-fat yogurt.
2. A glass of nonfat yogurt, or fresh juice (Apple or orange).
3. 125 grams of grapes, 1 pear.

The evening meal (dinner)

1. A slice of cheese, a slice of bran bread, and unlimited number of radishes
2. Slice of rye bread, salad of fresh apples.
3. Any one main dish.


1. Baked potato 1 piece and 200 grams of green peas.
2. Cutlet of beef and 200 grams of green peas.
3. Omelet consisting of 3 proteins and 2 egg yolks with green peas.
4. Soup of any non-starch vegetables with green peas.
5. Cream soup of green peas with the addition of mushrooms.
6. Boiled rice and green peas (in the ratio of 100 to 100).
7. Corn and peas (100 100) mixed with yogurt (fat content of not more than 2.5%) and parsley or dill.

also kindly requested to limit yourself to such a drink as coffee, but if it is so needed, it is better to confine light its versions (two servings daily espresso or Americano). Well, the normal daily fluid intake you have to increase almost up to two liters and more efficient, if it's just pure water, not mineral. Add fresh lemon or lime the citrus fruits contain essential vitamins and are easy help in your efforts to lose weight.

since our diet is only a week particular a lack of vitamins you will not feel, but for your peace of mind we recommend to drink vitamin E.

one of the benefits of a "green diet" is the fact that you can exercise without harm to slimming the body, physical activity remains at normal level.

As any other side of the coin, so here is the flip side is minus, but it all depends on what diet you had before this diet. The most significant disadvantage is bloat, but only if your previous diet was, or protein, or poor in fruits and vegetables, in General, these unpleasant sensations are on the third or fourth day of the diet.

it is Necessary to remember that any diet should be agreed with your doctor.